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5 Christmas PPC tips to help increase your sales

November 28, 2023

As a business, you’ll no doubt want to make the most of the Christmas period, and what better way to do this than with a little Christmas PPC marketing. You obviously want to make money all year long, but you can use the festive season to your advantage as people will be taking to the internet to shop online and fill their Christmas shopping carts.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and is a digital marketing strategy in which you pay for advertising that takes your customer directly to your website to showcase your offering. It’s a particularly quick and easy way to bring new customers in, with little time or resources.

But how can you make the most of this credible tactic at this time of the year? Keep reading for our five Christmas PPC tips to help increase your sales this season.

Why should you optimise your PPC ads for Christmas?

There are numerous benefits to optimising your campaigns for Christmas, for example, by adjusting your ads with seasonal trends, your campaigns become much more relevant to your prospects. You’ll meet your audience’s needs and interests during this peak shopping period, meaning you’ll see a much higher click-through rate (CTR) and overall better campaign performance.

These adjustments will also see your campaigns become much more cost efficient. As industry competition increases during Christmas, you can amend your ads and optimise your budget to simply target times with the highest potential return on ad spend (ROAS).

This gives you a competitive advantage, particularly in PPC marketing, as you’ll be able to gain an edge over your competitors. By optimising your campaigns during this peak period, you can take advantage of the fact that other retailers might not have thought to incorporate seasonal trends into their PPC strategy, giving you a better chance of capturing a larger share of the market.

Our 5 Christmas PPC tips to help increase your sales

To find out more about how to increase sales during Christmas, here are our top five PPC campaign tips to implement into your ads.

1. Target Christmas related keywords

With Christmas around the corner, many people right up until Christmas Eve will be searching for ideas on gifts for their family and friends, and this is why optimising your website and landing pages for Christmas related keywords is a must.

Even if it’s only temporary, making the most of the festive time available is efficient. Your relevance within SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) will increase, resulting in an increased flow of customers and visits to your website. Your ranking will be higher without a doubt, so you’ll also want to optimise your website’s SEO for Christmas too and that includes uploading Christmas themed images where possible.

Include search terms such as ‘Christmas gifts for men’ or ‘gifts for mother’, anything that you can relate to on your site will help. You could use Google Trends to see what Christmas has in relation to your industry and company.

2. Target Christmas shoppers

As with all PPC campaigns, you will be targeting a specific audience, and usually that means conducting the right research. However as it’s Christmas, there’s little to no research needed – you’ll probably just need to fine-tune your audience to ensure you’re targeting Christmas shoppers.

For example you’ll want to amend your audience’s interests and target those who are actively looking for gifts to purchase. You’ll also want to target those who have shown interest in buying your products, or you could create a custom audience based on those who search for the keywords you’re targeting.

3. Ensure you have the resources for your campaign

Although it would only be a short campaign for the Christmas period, you’ll still need some killer assets. As well as resources and assets, you will need to agree on a budget to spend. This becomes a good opportunity to experiment with your budget, and figure out what works best for your brand for future seasonal campaigns.

If you’re not sure where to start with your resources, conduct some research online and be sure to utilise different tools and guides, so you can create an effective plan for your Christmas PPC campaigns.

4. Create a Christmas theme for your website

As we briefly mentioned earlier, optimising your site’s SEO, including images and content, for the Christmas period is great, and adding new images that are optimised and Christmas themed is an easy tactic to adopt.

You can simply edit your current imagery and add Christmas elements to them, upload images of your team embracing the Christmas spirit, and share images of the decorations that are up in the office. Doing this will make your website and your brand look the part and show your customers you are up to date.

5. Make sure your website is responsive

Opportunity is immense at Christmas time, but it will always be competitive too, that means you need to make sure what you do works. It won’t work if your website isn’t responsive and it will quickly send your customers in the wrong direction…to your competitors!

Ensure that you’ve optimised your site for mobile devices and the images you have uploaded aren’t too big to load, or too small and look blurry. Page load times are also key. Your campaign spend could be wasted if your customers leave your site before it’s even loaded.

Let us help with your Christmas PPC campaigns

We hope our Christmas PPC tips help your business increase their sales over this crucial period. If you haven’t already implemented and optimised your PPC campaigns this Christmas, the most important thing is to use this time as a learning curve and see what can be done next year. Think long-term and future proof what you already have.

If you’re ready to launch your Christmas PPC campaigns, why let our PPC experts help? They’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your ads and they’ll even do all the hard work for you. Contact us today and speak with our digital marketing team to see how else they can help your brand thrive this festive season.




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