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5 core PPC fundamentals to keep in mind for your campaigns

September 28, 2023

The fundamentals of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing offers huge opportunities for conversions and capital ventures. PPC marketing, also known as search engine marketing, is the process of paid advertising per viewer interaction. But it’s only when a viewer interacts with your ad payment is made.

PPC is a very powerful tool for digital marketing that can not only elevate your business, but also lead to more potential engagement, leads and conversions for your website. But what are the core PPC fundamentals to keep in mind for a successful campaign? Keep reading to find out what these are. 

Our 5 core PPC fundamentals to keep in mind

1. Importance of keywords

Before setting up your PPC campaign, selecting the right keywords is crucial to reaching the specific audience that are already following you, or you hope to reach. It’s important to ensure that you are targeting keywords that are relevant and fitting to your business. 

Remember that the keywords you choose, affect the probability of you increasing results searched for your products or services in your PPC campaign. Keep an eye on increasing popular keywords and ensure you keep on top of this regularly.

This is also very important for your SEO efforts too. Learn how combining your SEO and PPC strategies can boost your results in this blog.

2. Consider your PPC ranking

Whilst it’s good to have a PPC campaign set up and in place, it’s worth remembering you won’t see any results if you have no ranking in search engine results compared to your competitors. 

To overcome this, you must bid for the keyword competition and that means you need to have a sufficient budget in place in order to allow for this. The higher the bid, the chances of your PPC campaign ranking higher increase and you become more visible to the online world. 

3. Remember quality over quantity

The quality of your advertising far outweighs how many campaigns you run, and this is a particular key PPC fundamental to remember. If you have a campaign that works, and is able to attract audiences efficiently, then of course success is inevitable.

However, it’s important to try and not take the approach of a ‘copy and paste’ technique. This will affect conversions and potentially drive customers away. It can backfire and your results will rank lower overall, meaning you’ll potentially lose out on business.

Keeping the cost of a conversion low however, will mean more conversion, a better rating and potentially increasing conversions for the future.

4. First impressions count on a landing page

Landing pages are another key PPC fundamental. Having a unique and relevant landing page to your campaign prevents the hassle of your audience having to conduct further research or having to search through your website for more answers. 

Make sure when customers arrive at your landing page, they have a clear, specific and easy understanding of your content. This will increase their confidence in you and your business, which should lead to a further increase of conversions over time.

5. Keep on top of your analytics

Keeping on top of your website analytics allows you to usefully monitor the activities of the users who visit your website and convert. This analysis will help you identify any problems with your PPC campaigns and see if there are any areas for improvement. 

With this knowledge, you can optimise your future campaigns and discover opportunities such as the audiences you target, new keywords you can target and the time of day you schedule your ads for example.

Want to learn more about PPC fundamentals?

PPC marketing proves to be an incredibly successful strategy, which will definitely increase your conversion rate by targeting you with specific audiences. If you consider our five core PPC fundamentals for your next PPC campaign, you’ll be sure to see a thriving outcome.

If you’d like to learn more about the key PPC fundamentals, or you’d like to see how we can help with your PPC marketing, be sure to contact us today. Our PPC specialists can advise you on the best tactic and strategies to use to ensure you get maximum results.




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