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The Relationship Between PPC And SEO – How They Work Together

September 18, 2021

SEO and PPC, (Search Engine Optimisation & Pay-Per-Click) are often seen to be separate strategies of marketing, however, some of the best results can be achieved by combining these two strategies.

SEO is the process of optimising your website to achieve rankings in search engines, while PPC involves keyword optimisation, orientated at ads that can be paid to display across Google or other networks. See more on how important SEO is here.

Benefits of SEO and PPC working together?

To maintain a high level of visibility in the search results, SEO and PPC can work together, so your website has a higher chance of views over your competitors. Having ads around your network can increase your visibility for that page and increase the chances of a viewer interacting on a search. 

Both of these methods will help push for the success of the other. When creating a strong SEO foundation and meta this will increase the quality performance for PPC. Learn more about PPC here.

PPC And SEO Keywords

The uses of SEO and PPC together

Meta Keywords

PPC will prioritise consistency of keywords. When you launch a marketing campaign, use the data you can obtain on top organic search terms to build your best possible list of meta keywords. This can produce an organic result for any queries in the searches, this increases the chance of it getting clicked on by a viewer.

If you can see you are getting a high amount of conversions for specific terms in your paid activities, then you should try to implement these into your SEO strategy as well. This can present new traffic organically too. Just ensure your SEO activity is effective and builds upon the basis of your PPC strategy. See in-depth analysis of Keywords here.

Test out new Keywords

If there is a keyword you are considering as using for part of your SEO activities, then you should consider using a PPC campaign to try and understand where your competition is at and how relevant your own website is. Then the keyword will help you to make a decision.

Title tags and SEO

The title type and meta description can always be visible to a user. You can extract and copy if you have a high CTR from the PPC strategy and duplicate it in your title tags and meta data to improve the CTR of all organic traffic.

All of your SEO knowledge can make a real difference, whether you’re designing a custom landing page or just using already existing areas of your website.

In all cases, these pages will need to be optimised with keywords and meta data to make sure they maintain a high level of relevance to the ads, not only as well as to the keywords you are using. See more on targeting with keywords here.


Both SEO and PPC marketing strategies all revolve crucially on keywords and meta data optimisation. Using these together will maximise the outcome of your overall digital marketing strategies.




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