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How to increase SEO traffic with organic SEO marketing strategies

October 18, 2021

Have you ever had the feeling that your content isn’t performing as well as you had liked? I know I have! For me, this came down to losing track of a core framework for SEO. This lack of focus on what SEO to use caused me to search for organic SEO marketing strategies to achieve high levels of search traffic.

In my search, I found 5 ESSENTIAL strategies that I always follow when creating content to improve organic SEO. I now achieve significantly higher organic traffic levels.

Let’s jump straight into the first organic SEO marketing strategy…

1. How to increase SEO traffic with a Keyword Rollout

increase SEO traffic with organic SEO marketing strategies

When it comes to achieving high organic SEO traffic, you want your content SEO strategy to have a healthy relationship with Google’s search algorithm.

Right now, Google puts HUGE importance on content that is fluent in a particular topic. In order to tell Google your content is high quality, you need to carry out Keyword Research and find a strong keyword to base your content around. This can be achieved by using a keyword research tool such as Ahrefs, Semrush, or Moz. You then want to identify words with a high search volume and low competition.

Once you’ve found your keyword, you need to spread it throughout your entire content. In particular, it needs to be used in your title tag, the first paragraph, and final paragraph of your content.

Using keywords effectively will improve organic SEO and Google’s algorithm will love you.

2. Improve organic SEO by maximising your title tag

The next organic SEO marketing strategy I have for you, is to maximise the title of your content to best achieve traffic.
In the same way an Olympic sprinter wants the best start possible in a race, you want your content to start on the best foot possible.Your title tag is the first thing users will see of your content and you want it to work on a creative and statistical level.

  • Creatively, it needs to catch viewers attention and be something viewers WANT to click on. Put yourself in the mindset of your audience. What is it exactly they are looking for?
  • Statistically, your title tag needs to capitalise on the data behind what users are searching for. To execute this, simply include your target keyword somewhere in the title, since the keyword itself has the potential to absorb organic traffic.

Find out more on how to improve your title tag.

3. Use visual content for your content SEO strategy

increase SEO traffic with organic SEO marketing strategies

Let me ask you a question. Which do you find easier to look at, an image or a block of text?

I’m sure most of you will agree with me that images are far easier to look at than text.

This idea is backed up by several studies from companies such as 3M and Visually.

Following this train of thought, you want to be filling your content SEO strategy with as much visual content as possible. Whether that’s example images or infographics.

The whole idea is to make your content as visually appealing as it can be, which in turn will lead to higher levels of organic website traffic.

4. Give searcher exactly what they’re looking for 

According to Google’s NEW organic search ranking algorithm, your content needs to not only attract viewers to your site, but to also keep them for as long as possible.

Viewers staying on your site for as long as possible tells Google that your content is giving them exactly what they’re looking for and boosts your ranking in Google.

This strategy boils down to 2 key principles: creating good content, and displaying good content. 

If your content is as good as it can be, answers all the queries a consumer may have, yet still lacks in high levels of organic traffic, your content may be lacking in visual appeal.

Your content needs to be as easy to read as possible. Haven’t you ever entered a website only to be greeted by a massive, daunting chunk of text?

Sadly I have.

Avoid this by spacing out your text through paragraphs and using short sentences. You want your page to contain as much white space as possible.

5. SEO link building strategy

This is perhaps the most overlooked organic SEO marketing strategy on this list, but is one of the most essential.

Backlinks are links on high authority websites that point directly to your page. Having a high number of these links lets Google know your site is a genuine source of quality content and boosts your site’s ranking.

The question you may be asking, “how do I achieve backlinks on my content?”.

The most effective way to achieve backlinks is through the use of email outreach. There are 2 core steps to email outreach for your SEO link building strategy:

  • Finding a website page which you feel your content relates to.
  • Sending a short, friendly and personalized email to that site.

Repeat this process for every site you feel would benefit from your link.

Link building not only works as an organic SEO strategy, but as a method to forming B2B relationships.
For more help with your SEO link-building strategy read our latest blog.

There are many strategies for increasing levels of organic SEO. However, these 5 strategies are proven winners in this area. Here at Fifteen, we are fluent in all areas of SEO. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business reach its full potential.




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