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6 key elements to consider for your next brand logo redesign

September 21, 2023

Your logo is a vital branding asset that should represent your company values. As time moves on and as your company grows, your core values may change and this will need to be reflected in your logo. 

Undergoing a brand logo redesign may seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take into account the below six key elements, this process will be an exciting time for everyone involved.

1. Understand your market

It’s important to first understand where your brand is positioned in the market when it comes to your brand logo redesign. Are you a leader in your sector? Is your brand positioned for the masses, or are you targeted towards a more niche audience? This helps to establish how your brand needs to present itself, and what will get the best reaction from your audience. It’s all about getting your brand positioned correctly and playing to its strengths and what you can offer your customers over your competitors.

2. Research your competition

Researching your competition can help you understand what has been done previously, and gain some insight into industry trends. However, just because something is considered a trend in your sector doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a trend you should follow. If you look at certain big brands, they don’t necessarily comply with trends and don’t look to be innovative and different to ensure that their brand stands out from the rest. 

Researching your competition before you undergo a brand logo redesign is especially important as it can help you define a gap in the market and help you find a direction that your brand can grow in, and dominate a sector of the market.

3. Remember the what, how and why

Remember to summarise your business in a concise and coherent way when it comes to your brand logo redesign so it defines what you do, why you do it and how you do it. This helps define what your business stands for and what your goals are. Once this ‘brand statement’ is created and understood internally, it can then be used to direct your brand logo redesign and can be a particularly useful tool when creating future digital marketing campaigns.

4. Don’t let your logo define your brand

It’s easy to get confused and think your logo is a brand. However in reality, your logo doesn’t define your brand – it’s just one element that helps drive home brand awareness and brand recognition. A brand is built from the consumer experience of your brand strategy, the tone of voice and the marketing campaigns that help portray the personality of your brand. It’s therefore vital that the style of your logo is in keeping with how you want your logo to be perceived. However, it’s what you say at every touch point with your consumer that starts to give meaning to what your logo represents.

5. Start sketching

When beginning the brand logo redesign process, it’s best to start with pen and paper and sketch your ideas before even looking at the computer. This is the quickest most effective way to convey an idea or concept, and you can easily see if an idea will work or whether to dismiss it. Don’t worry about getting your sketches perfect, this stage is to quickly get ideas down and a bad drawing will never overpower a good idea.

6. Keep your logo design simple

A logo needs to work at all scales and in black and white. It’s therefore important to test the legibility of your logo at a small scale and ensure it can be easily identified. That’s why with your brand logo redesign less is more, and the simpler designs can sometimes be most impactful.

Let us help with your brand logo redesign

As mentioned, undergoing a brand logo redesign should be an exciting time for your business, and by keeping in mind these six key elements, you’ll be on your way to designing a new logo that is in keeping with your company values and more. But if you find you need a professional graphic design team to take on this task on your behalf, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.




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