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8 SEO Top Tips to Increasing Organic Traffic

September 4, 2020 - Fifteen

How can you increase your product or service visibility so that customers find you and not competitors? All you need to invest is time into reading these top tips and implementing your strategy. This process doesn’t need to be costly or require you to be a professional in SEO.

Create a Buyer Persona

Always remember to write for the user, not the search engine. By creating a buyer persona, you can frame your content to them and generate educational and high-quality pieces that resonate with your ideal buyer.

This involves tapping into your buyer personas main issues, and keywords they’d use while searching. This means you can target and optimise more specifically and direct your message to the user.

Regular Blogging

By producing content that matches user queries without selling to them is a great way to increase site traffic. It also allows you to go into more depth, create informative and helpful content and build a credible and authoritative brand identity.

Not only are you producing persona-optimised content surrounding your market niche but it’s a great opportunity to target new keywords. Generating fresh content is also a ranking factor for Google and will build site authority.

On-site Factors

The meta title, URL and description are key factors to on-page SEO optimisation, not only are they super simple but they can have a great effect on the overall SEO of the page. The metadata should include your keyword but also tell Google exactly what the page is talking about.

Ensuring each page has these three elements optimised is a quick and easy way to improve your rankings and gain traffic.

Use internal Links

Make sure each page is easily accessible and connects using relevant internal links. Try linking from one blog to another or linking within your blogs to product pages on your site. However like everything in SEO, don’t overdo it, too many links can start to look spammy to search engines.

Encourage Incoming links

Google prioritises sites that have lots of incoming links from high authority sites and therefore will make your site rank higher. So by writing high-quality linkable content this will encourage trustworthy sites to link to you, as you’re providing content that’s valuable to them.

However, be aware that if you receive too many links from low-quality sites Google may penalise your website which will severely damage your SEO.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a great gift that, if used correctly, can help drive traffic to your site from a completely different audience and medium. By building a presence amongst networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn you’re helping to put your name and website out there.

Not only can you share your content onto your social media to draw traffic but you can also put shareable features onto your website so that viewers can share it to their social media audience.

Use Data and Metrics to Finer Tune Your Content

By using Google Analytics to track the traffic to your site you can find out a lot of information which can help with creating content users want to see. For example, where they came from, what keywords they searched for, what pages saw the most visitors, most interaction and which page retained the users for longest.

By analysing why these pages saw this kind of result it can help you tailor your future content to exactly what your customers want.

Working with analytics for SEO

Long-tail Keywords are a must!

It’s important to target keywords with a certain amount of traffic and volume, however, don’t just go for the most popular ones within the market. By using specific keywords that pertain to your industry your blogs or website will be seen as an expert on that particular subject. Subsequently, this will boost your content in search rankings, helping your ideal customers find you.

By implementing all of these SEO top-tips and always writing for the reader, gradually you will start to see an increase in traffic coming to your site. However, this isn’t an instant process. Results can take time to show but with an ongoing SEO strategy, the ROI will come!

If you need a hand with digital strategy or want some expert support, then contact us today. Our team is ready to maximise your visibility and conversion rate.

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