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A Barking Success for the New Wafcol Website

June 20, 2018

The Brief & Vision

Armitage Pet Care approached Fifteen to deliver a number of tasks, one of these tasks included creating a new website for premium dog food brand – Wafcol

The new Wafcol website needed to improve on the following:

  • UX of the existing site
  • Present the Wafcol as a trusted, credible source and thought leader within the pet food industry
  • Increase conversions on the website and through to partner sites in the buying process

We also wanted to inspire customers and drive lifestyle choices for their pets, guiding them to engage and interact with Wafcol on socials.

About Wafcol

Wafcol (short for Worcestershire Animal Food Company Limited) was founded in the 1930’s and was purchased by Armitage Pet Care in 1989.

Wafcol’s food has changed dog’s lives, and this is due to the food being specially developed by dermatologists and veterinarians for Wafcol to be sensitive to the dog’s digestion system.

Using Wafcol for your dog has many benefits, which you can read about in full on the ‘Why Choose Wafcol’ page.

What We Did:


We worked with Armitage and performed a brand workshop, which covered Armitage, GoodBoy (dog treats) and Wafcol, looking at how we can better the brand’s online presence across all avenues.

Following the workshop we created a brand DNA document which contains a range of information about the positioning of the brands, allowing them to use the document for ongoing marketing material in the future to allow brand consistency.

Wafcol Brand DNA


After we had completed the workshop, we moved straight into the Wafcol website, as this was the primary focus for Armitage to complete.

We worked with the team at Armitage to design and develop a website that they will be able to grow with over time, the new website includes an advice hub  which will allow them to post articles about their dog food, as well as allowing users to find out more about dog breeds and the research they do to provide a better food for dogs across the UK.

It was important within the site to demonstrate the credibility and trustworthiness of the brand, this is why we’ve features key USP’s across the site within the header, and within the range and why to choose Wafcol pages.

The site is built using WordPress so that the team at Armitage can easily edit the content and images across the website moving forward, as well as add to the site moving forward.

The website uses WooCommerce to accommodate a shop section, that allows a user to purchase Wafcol dog food online, while the shop isn’t the main feature of the website, this bit of functionality allows users who are within the site to purchase directly, or find out where else stocks the food for them to purchase, while giving them all the key information about the product.

One of the key features within the website is the benchmark chart, which showcases how Wafcol stands against some of the other products on the market.

As well as this, we’ve made a bigger feature of the case studies within the site, that allows users to see how much Wafcol is helping other dogs across the UK.

What They Said:

“We’re extremely pleased with our new Wafcol website. The site is dynamic, interactive and design-led with a fantastic user experience – all thanks to Fifteen! They were extremely patient, forthcoming and shared their creative knowledge with us throughout the process. A special thanks to Sophie, Chanelle and Adam J who helped us throughout and made our ideas come to life. The website is a huge step for us to build our already established dog food brand. I can’t wait to see the next two sites!”

– Aimee Nash, Junior Product Manager, Armitage

Who Worked on the Project:

Chanelle – Client Services Manager
Sophie – Senior Digital Producer
Tom – Digital Producer
Adam J – Designer
Josh – Digital Exec
Charlie – Developer
Polly – Digital Assistant

Take a look

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