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A Day In The Life Of A Client Services Director – Kate Crowther

November 18, 2016


Well now that we’re pretty much in winter mode my morning runs have just about stopped… I’m working on this but its just not quite happened since we slipped into November!

My dog is OK with this as she’s a very lazy lurcher and, like me, a fair weather runner…

I get into the office early doors after a drive from the Derbyshire hills listening to the delights of 6 music, Magic Chilled and Gold. Though I am becoming a fan of Heart Breakfast as I find the combo of Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston pretty amusing.

First things first, get the kettle on. Munch my breakfast, which is usually something healthy like rye bread and boiled eggs or smoked salmon, all-important to get the brain working. Here’s where I admit I’m just saying that for the benefit of my blog but I really am that boring and prepared.

Scan through daily emails from Insider Media (one of my old clients and a great website for all the latest business news), Campaign and Search Engine Land. Check the price of Marmite.

Campaign have sent through the latest of this year’s Christmas Adverts and Notonthehighstreet’s video gets my vote this year so far: Not On The High Street Campaign – 2016

I’m usually a sucker for romance, a sad story and snowflakes so there’s time yet for another brand to steal my heart.

Catch up with Ollie on new recruits, office space, some lovely feedback on our work, some superstars in the office. The early morning is precious time to touch base and get prepare for the day ahead.

We have a steering group meeting at 8.30am with all the senior bods here at Fifteen where we cover all of the important stuff (The Christmas Party). As usual the DMC (Digital Marketing Crew) bang on about blogs, which if you didn’t know are critical to search prominence. If you’re already a client you’ll have been subjected to the same abuse and if you’re not then feel free to get in touch and I’ll give you a run down. I finally agree that I should send them my ‘a day in the life of’ soon.

Have a conference call with a potential client about increasing conversions on their website, suggest that we initially perform some keyword research to see if the problem is search side and also to add some video tracking software to the website to see how real users are interacting and where they’re struggling. With this information we’ll be able to make meaningful recommendations to take the website forward.


Work with our creative team to storyboard a series of educational videos to be used on their website and across social platforms, catch up with our client on logistics and we’re all set for some filming action. I’m looking forward to visiting several schools as the children are likely to be entertaining.

Text my school friend, David, to see if he can swing me a discount at his restaurant on Saturday night. It’s called Heirloom, if you ever need a decent roast and you’re in Crouch End tap this place up. Shameless plug, check.

We have one of our health and beauty clients in to discuss planning for Christmas, I quickly jazz up the boardroom with some tinsel and get Mariah Carey on to get us all in the mood. A successful session where we generate lots of ideas on the run up to Christmas, Black Friday set to be a busy one again.

Later on I meet up with Alex, one of our senior Creatives, to discuss a pitch design that we’ve been working on, it’s looking great and with the help of Ollie we add some further finesse. It’s been a few weeks in the making with lots of discussion between all departments on the structure of the site and the varying user journeys that are to be delivered (shout out to developer extraordinaire, Pav, for flying the technical flag as usual). Really looking forward to presenting our ideas!

After Work

Call my Grandma on the drive home, we discuss Trump, Harrison Ford and how to hang curtains, turns out at 31 I’ve been doing this wrong all along.

Negotiate reverse parking, my nightly struggle, walk through the door at home and am greeted by the hound, who is always very enthusiastic come the evening.

Get a voicemail from Chanelle, one of our lovely Account Managers, with some brainwave straplines for the Christmas campaign planning earlier – then get into a text off with the client on lots of lovely ideas.

Dinner of meat and two veg and then I watch a few episodes of the Still Game Christmas Special as there’s nothing on the box (and I’ve got a soft spot for Bobby).

There’s definitely a festive flavour to my day and its sign of the run up to Christmas, celebrating the year that is nearly up and preparing ourselves for the new year, lots of exciting things to come at Fifteen in 2017.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my day. And that makes 879 words of pure blogging joy to keep the DMC from my door. Who knows, after reading this they might not let me loose on here again.

Happy Christmas, Kate x




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