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A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Executive – Alexandra Howe

November 4, 2016


I try to start my day at 7am, but with the darker mornings, it’s now more of a battle between me and my alarm clock. Once I’m up, I can usually get ready pretty quickly and still have time to have some breakfast, whilst either checking up on my personal social media or watching good ol’ BBC Breakfast.

I leave home just after 8am and usually get into work shortly after 8:30am, which gives me plenty of time to make a hot drink, have a quick catch up with anyone else who is early in the office and then settle down into doing some work.

Before I dive into my tasks for the day, I will check over my emails and all the social media channels I’m working on. Once I’ve done this, I will get on with writing my daily post for our blog, and going through any others that have been written by others in the office and getting them ready to go live. This will include setting up the social posts, to go alongside these blog posts.

Dependant on the day of the week, I’m either scheduling social posts for our clients, or setting up adverts, or planning a proposal for a potential client. Today I’ve been working on setting up some Facebook & Instagram advert campaigns for a client, ready for some super discounts coming up for Black Friday.


When lunchtime comes around, I always make sure I get up and go for a walk, whether that’s to go buy some lunch or just to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. It’s so important to get away from your computer, especially when you spend all day on it! I also find that some of my best ideas are made when I step away from my computer or phone for a moment.

Once I’m back, if I’ve still got some more time, I will check out the latest news in digital marketing and advertising, this usually helps generate new blog ideas, or even some new ideas to brief with clients.


After some fresh air, I get back to my desk and check up on any emails again, to make sure I’ve not missed anything whilst away from my desk. Sometimes, I will be continuing on tasks from before lunch, or for example, today I am going to be creating Fifteen’s email marketing, ready to go out early next week, so our lovely clients can see what we’ve been up-to recently.


After work, I will head home and either the first thing I do when I get through the door is get into some comfy chill-out clothes and then get dinner on the go, or I do some sort of exercise, which will either be playing tennis or going out on a run. However, since the clocks have gone back, it’s too dark for me to go out running, so I really need to get a gym membership sorted!

As the evening goes on, I will either be chilling out with my partner watching a movie or TV series. If he’s busy gaming, then I will usually catch up on some YouTube videos, or sometimes I love to bake some treats, as I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth!

I aim to get into bed for 10pm, as I’m someone who needs a good nights sleep if I want to be able to focus the next day. If it’s a Friday night, I usually stay up a bit later, watching endless amounts of Netflix!




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