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A Day In The Life Of An SEO Assistant – Abbie Brereton

October 28, 2016


My day starts around 6.30, but sometimes I have cheeky extra 10 minutes. Once getting out of bed I go and wake my 2 younger brothers up, which usually takes 5 attempts! Once I am changed I walk my chocolate Labrador, Seamus, around the block. Before leaving I make sure I make a flask of tea or hot chocolate. Around 8.35 I leave the house and my mum drops me off at work.

I usually get into the office around 8.50. Once getting in I turn everything on and look on Float to see what is planned for me to work on today. Today I will be working on 2448 redirects (Yep there are loads!), which seems to feel like the list is never going to end. After spending most my morning doing redirects I decide to go onto something else for a bit, which is usually writing a blog post.


By this time by belly is starting to rumble which means one thing… it dinner time! At 12.30 I set off with Alexandra to either walk to Marks & Spencer or to Tesco. While walking we chat about how the morning has been and what we have got planned for the rest of the day.

Getting back at the office I go straight into the office and put my dinner in the microwave and grab a glass of water. After the microwave goes off i take my dinner back to my desk to sit down to eat. While eating I like to have a quick flick through social media on my phone to see what is going off.


Afterwards working on the thousands of redirects I am finally finished and the joy afterwards is something I haven’t felt before. Afterwards, I will ask either Kirsty or Natalie what they would like me to do next. Usually it will be a blog, optimising images and pages, keyword research, or write an infographic.

After work

The day at the office ends at 5.30 where I come out to try and find where my mum has parked to drive me back home. On the drive home I speak to mum to see what she has been up to in the day. When I get home dad usually asks me what I’ve been up to today at work. Afterwards, I take my dog out for another walk so I usually take him onto the park around the corner from me so he can have a good run. When I get I will wait for my driving lesson at 6.30, which is an hour. Once getting in the car my driving instructor will ask me what I would like to do today, which at the minute we have been concentrating on roundabouts, because I get nervous around them. But I am improving!

After driving back home I will go upstairs and get my PJs on and eat my dinner. Finishing my dinner I will fetch my fluffy blanket and snuggle up on the sofa watching catch up Coronation Street and Eastenders with mum. I’m usually in bed around 9.30 as I am a very tired person all the time and love to sleep! Once I get comfy and warm in bed I hear a knock at my bedroom door, which will be my dog.

I will finally fall asleep and be ready to do the day all over again.




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