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A day in the life of India – Digital Marketing Executive

September 23, 2016


My day begins at 7.15. I can’t risk a snooze – I’ve been victim to falling back into a deep sleep and missing the reminder many times before, so I’m up as soon as the first alarm goes.

Each morning I’ll listen to a different podcast. I follow Beancast, Marketing Over Coffee and Six Pixels of Separation. Listening to each episode is a great way to get a streamlined chunk of the latest news and keep my finger on the pulse.

Bright-eyed bushy-tailed, I aim to get to the office by 8.45am so I can get settled in (and avoid the 9am parking nightmare), then catch up on the industry newsletters I’ve subscribed to. Like podcasts, they’re a great way to get a round up of the most important (and sometimes controversial!) changes in the market.

9 – 11 is the time to reply to emails and finish off any outstanding work from the previous day. Sometimes it’s best to look over these things with a fresh pair of eyes. This time will also get used to write an article for Fifteen. We’re constantly telling our clients to blog so it’s good to lead by example!

Around 11am I’ll begin work on our pay-per-click campaigns. I monitor all our clients’ accounts, so the first hour will be spent dipping into each one and having a scan over it, looking for ways to optimize its success and making the necessary adjustments. I’ll set up some brand new campaigns and do research into the keywords and trends for each client’s industry – these are constantly changing and it’s good to keep a close eye on what their competitors are doing too.


Lunch calls at around 1pm. I try to make it as late as possible to stave off the hunger later – I’m awful for snacking away!


Afterwards I’ll continue working on our PPC and remarketing accounts. Those little pop-up adverts from your favourite brands that seem to follow you everywhere across the internet? I’m responsible for ensuring they hound your digital trail every. step. of. the. way.

Throughout the afternoon I may be asked to support other members of the Digital Marketing team on a variety of projects. This can be anything from proposals or creating a scheduled social media post, to producing infographics (a more visual way to present an article or blog) to push out to local media. I have to juggle these into my workload, so it’s important to stay organized – I’m constantly ticking things off To-Do lists and covering my computer in a flurry of post-it notes!

Around 3pm I may be on the phone to a client. It’s important to maintain a close relationship with each contact – which usually means a weekly call to check-in and discuss progress. It’s always good to get their opinion and see how our campaigns are positively affecting their business in ways we can’t simply pull from our statistics page.

After Work

The day ends at 5.30 (or 5 on a Friday). I only live twenty minutes from work and the drive is a great one through the countryside. Once I’m back, I try to go for a run or play squash a few times a week, but apart from that I’ll be seeing friends or spending time with my family.

Like most people, I’ll keep an eye on my social media throughout the night. As a digital marketer I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration from other brands – if I’m scrolling through Facebook and see a new viral trend or something that’s worked successfully on Instagram, I’ll make a note. It pays to keep on top!




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