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August 16, 2018

The Brief & Vision:

Tinplate products tasked Fifteen with designing a new brand and building them a new Tinplate website to help position their bespoke tin product offering at the forefront of the business.

About Tinplate Products:

Tinplate Products are a family business dedicated to providing bespoke world-class and award winning tin products.

They produce innovative, creative and stunning packaging – some of which you may have in your home – such as Fortnum and Mason Tins, Soap and Glory gift tins, Candle Co candles and more, we didn’t realise how much they did until we started working with them and had the chance to look in their warehouse.

Tinplate products also pride themselves on delivering their tin products to their clients on time and to the highest possible standards, they always go the extra mile for their clients, and encourage them to give their team new challenges and test their expertise on the latest trends and techniques within the tin manufacturing industry.

What We Did:


To launch our project with Tinplate, we held a workshop with them, talking to them about their brand story and finding out key information that would assist us with the rest of the project.

From the back of the workshop, we produced a brand story document, which detailed our findings. This helped the team at Tinplate make sure that everything they do moving forward is consistent with the new brand.

Tinplate DNA Doc

Brand, Photography & Copywriting:

When we started the project, there was a big discussion about whether we should remove ‘products’ from the company name, after drawing up a range of different concepts with ‘Product’ and without we knew that the logo you see today was the winner, it say’s exactly what they do, and helps position the brand as a trustworthy brand with class, history and a modern touch.

As part of the new look, we created a strong visual style to use across the brand, so some of the Fifteen team took to the photo studio, where we photographed a range of the tins that Tinplate have created – you can see these in pride of place on the Tinplate website!

With the new look and feel, also came a new way of speaking with their tone of voice, so copy was written for the new website in this style.

Tinplate Website:

Once we had completed the workshop and branding exercise, we stormed ahead with the website design and development. Needless to say, Tinplate were amazing through the whole process, taking on board our suggestions and ideas and being super positive and responsive through the entire process. They were a joy to work with.

As with any new website, we needed to build the new website to be fully responsive using the best UX design and development practices and techniques. We also needed to make sure that the Tinplate team could edit the website’s content after the site launched, so we developed the website in WordPress CMS to allow them to do this with ease. With the previous website being built in Drupal, the transition to WordPress should be a welcome change.

We worked with the team to deliver a high-end, classy and modern Tinplate website that focusses on their bespoke tin service offering, as well as showcasing the amazing work that they have done over the years, with the back-up of their stock tin products and contract packaging service.

Working to improve the UX of the website, we amended the structure of the Tinplate website to focus more on the bespoke offering, as well as introducing a more interactive and navigable website, that delivers information dynamically and allows customers to access a development zone containing all of Tinplates bespoke tooling, and allowing clients to enquire about those specific pieces with ease.

If you compare the previous website to the new site you can see how we’ve pushed the Tinplate brand and website forward, pushing to position the brand and company as a high-end and quality focussed provider of tin manufacturing.

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