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December 6, 2013 - Fifteen

This week has seen some unusual national days that here at Fifteen we decided to embrace, as we love a good excuse to celebrate.

Not only does December mark the Christmas period, it is also National Tie Month, so in order to help everyone smarten up we created a list of unusual ways to wear your tie to make sure you really stand out at all those Christmas parties.

National Tie MonthKnowing the importance of our five day we all ate a red apple on Sunday to celebrate Eat a Red Apple Day, which does still count when dipped in chocolate, right?

When it comes to presents ‘it’s the thought that counts’ which should have been fully embraced on Tuesday, National Make a Gift Day. The perfect excuse to string up that dry pasta and make some fantastic jewellery. We all like to save a little extra money around Christmas.

Also this week we saw the Day of the Ninja. A whole day to dress up, sneak up on your friends and enjoy the ninja lifestyle. The eagle eyed of you may have noticed some busy ninjas popping up over the Fifteen Design social sites.

National Ninja Day

We’re excited to see what we’ll be celebrating next week.    

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