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Alek’s First Week: An Adventure in Project Management

August 21, 2019 - Fifteen

Monday the 12th of August will always be retained in my memory as a day when my life changed as I started a new position as a project coordinator at Fifteen. I thought It would be great to share my thrilling experience, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride:

Project management has always been my passion, that is why I was looking for a job opportunity in this sphere. However, like for any other person, who recently graduated, it was a challenging and exhausting process to find a company which could recognise my potential and help me to thrive as a young professional.

I knew about Fifteen for a long time and as soon as I noticed that the Project Coordinator role was open I was eager to send my CV. Luckily, this was the beginning of something thrilling…

Fifteen Design Awards

Fifteen was an obvious choice for me because they are a well respected digital agency with a great reputation. Despite the impressive number of awards which you can see here, the great office space and a remarkable list of clients – Fifteen has much more to offer than just a place to work. Fifteen is a big family and each member of this family is talented, energetic, approachable, easy-going and, most importantly, highly-skilled in their field. All the employees of Fifteen contribute to creating a brilliant working environment which motivates you to be productive, to deliver results to the clients, to develop yourself and, of course, have fun along the way.

From day one I was involved in several activities which would be my day-to-day responsibilities. I also learned about the project management process which Fifteen uses to deliver excellent results to their clients. On the second day, I already had my first client meeting and it was exciting to have a chat with a client to learn how to start a project from scratch. Big shout out to our talented Operations Manager – Sophie, who during this week has been sharing with me her expertise, training me and giving me all the support and advice I need.

Fifteen Design Team

I had induction meetings with all the teams and it was interesting to get more insights about the software and techniques which our designers, developers, digital team and marketing specialists use. Also, it was great to chat with the management team to understand my further career development opportunities and the future of Fifteen’s burgeoning client base.

Apart from the meetings, my first week was full of challenging tasks which required me to learn how to use corporate software. Website population, testing, onsite optimisation and creating content guides were among these tasks and I enjoyed doing them. What excites me the most, is that it has only been a week and I’ve already had so many opportunities to learn. I look forward to many more productive weeks. I feel that Fifteen is a great place to work for anyone who is keen to learn with a dynamic team of marketing and digital experts.

Fifteen Design Mugs

Thinking about the feelings which I had before coming to the office on my first day gives me goosebumps because I was so nervous that I couldn’t even sleep the night before. But as soon as I entered the office, everyone was so nice to me and so supportive, that all my fears immediately disappeared and I realised that it is going to be an amazing week. Big thank you to all the members of team Fifteen for making my first week great. I look forward to many more productive weeks and interesting projects.

I will do my best to provide excellent performance and to contribute to Fifteen growth as much as I believe this experience would contribute to my professional development!

If you’re interested in what Fifteen can do for your business, be it brand workshops, full website rebuilds, content management or anything in between contact us today. We can’t wait to work with you and show you how our dynamic solutions can help your business and brand grow.

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