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Alternatives to Google Pay Per Click

April 16, 2014

The use of Google PPC and remarketing is common across many business sectors in the UK. While Google’s Pay Per Click advertising is widely considered a no­ brainer, you do have other options and some of them might even work better for you, depending on your niche. Sometimes fewer of your competitors will be using these channels and the cost per click will be significantly lower.

Alternatives to Google PPC & Remarketing

Maybe Google PPC just isn’t delivering the results you need after you’ve tweaked your campaign repeatedly or you just can’t afford it on the scale you need. Or perhaps you are simply looking to diversify your platforms, a tactic that never hurts.

If it ain’t broke you don’t need to fix it, but if it isn’t working, then it’s time to look at some options.

Here are some alternatives that could get you more results at a lower cost.

Sponsored Tweets

If your demographic spends most of their connected time on Twitter, this could be a great option. Sponsored Tweets let you define your audience very specifically and sponsor specific tweeters who tweet in their own words. It is a transparent platform that demands disclosure of sponsorship. The sponsored tweets integrate with Google Analytics and let you see which ads are working best.


You can connect to thousands of publishers and select those who best meet your needs to reach your target market through BuySellAds. This is one of the largest networks you can use to get your banner ads out there in front of the right audience. BuySellAds pride themselves on being transparent, many of the suppliers listed are based in America so if you are a UK based business make sure you fine websites that are relevant to your target audience.


If you are a multi-national company, trying to reach a audience beyond just English speakers, Kontextua is worth considering for in­text and in­image ads. While they are known primarily for their Spanish language work, they also operate in English, French and Portuguese.


One of the best approved tools to access FBX, AdRoll can brag about providing a very high number of conversions. AdRoll is a retargeting tool with easy tools for customer segmentation. It also supports Google Adwords, so if your looking to freshen up your remarketing it could be a great option to test for a few months.


7Search was started in 1999, this is one of the older paid advertising networks, and it is pretty affordable so you can do a bit of trial and error here without getting in much trouble. 7Search describes itself as a per per click search engine.

It’s easy to forget that Google isn’t the only game in town, but in reality, you have choices. You can use them instead of Google Adwords or in addition to Google to make sure you are covering all bases.

It’s a matter of who you are trying to reach and discovering the best opportunities to reach them at the lowest cost.

If Google Adwords isn’t working out for you, don’t give up. Try some alternatives or get in touch if you would like one of our Adword expects to review your account.




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