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Art Attach Brand and Web Design

February 22, 2015 - fifteen

Art Attach E-Commerce Website Design Nottingham

Art Attach specialise in custom photo murals and photo wallpaper. The website is a custom system that allows users to choose from a huge bank of images or upload their own to create a unique wall mural for their home.

Art Attach Branding and Logo Design Nottingham

The system pulls in photos from a stock image site, as well as other selected designs, so the user has a massive collection of images to select from. Once they have selected a design, the user can add the size of their wall, and crop the image to their desired fit. As well as this, the user has the option to chose from paper or vinyl versions of the design. The most exciting feature of the site is the custom upload function. Users can choose from their own images, creating a truly unique design for their home.

Art Attach E-Commerce Web Design Nottingham

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