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Case Study – Hydrotechnik SEO, PPC, and Remarketing

July 16, 2015

Your online presence is critical to the future success of your business.

Over the years Fifteen have advised a large number of Nottingham based companies on ways to improve their online presence and marketing efforts. This has given us a sound understanding of what works well and which marketing strategies offer the best return on investment.

Research has shown that an ever-increasing number of people are researching products and services online, resulting in nearly every business needing to have some sort of online presence. This is especially true for companies who are looking to grow their customer base or expand into new market sectors.

We have recently been working with Hydrotechnik UK Ltd, and their sister companies Filtertechnik Ltd and UK Flowtechnik Ltd. We are running SEO campaigns for all three, paid search campaigns for Hydrotechnik & Filtertechnik, and a remarketing campaign for Hydrotechnik.


Fifteen started search engine optimisations in September 2014 for Filtertechnik and UK Flowtechnik, and more recently in April 2015 for Hydrotechnik, checking the websites for possible improvements. Using analytical softwares, we are able to identify any issues the site may have, and give recommendations as to how to improve the site through implementing a number of different strategies. Each month, Fifteen put together a list of recommendations, as well as a full report showing their campaign results looking at data trends and improvements.

Monthly stats:

Since we started work on UK Flowtechnik, we have almost doubled the amount of organic search visits they receive a month, as well as increasing overall visitors to the site by over 300%, through quality back linking and other techniques. We have seen similar increases with Filtertechnik, and are now working towards increasing Hydrotechnik’s site traffic by a similar level.


Fifteen started work on the PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for Hydrotechnik and Filtertechnik in June. We worked together to create unique ads, relevant to their products and keywords, and began optimisation of the whole campaign. This included refining the display location, times and cost-per-click, giving them the best possible results for their advertising budget.

Monthly Stats:

In the past month, we have started optimisations for both the Filtertechnik and Hydrotechnik PPC campaigns, including increasing the number of clicks and impressions they receive, reviewing ad copy, keyword research, and setting up conversion tracking. Fifteen have already started to see conversions increase on both campaigns, showing our optimisations to be a success.


Fifteen have started a remarketing campaign for Hydrotechnik in June 2015. A remarketing campaign targets visitors who have previously visited your site and haven’t converted. For Hydrotechnik, our designers created a series of ads, which we then utilised in the campaign. As ads are displayed on many websites, the campaign needs regular supervision to ensure the placements are suitable to the brand.

Since we began this remarketing campaign, Hydrotechnik have already seen an increase in the amount of visitors returning to their site each month.

We are very proud of the work we have done with Hydrotechnik, UK Flowtechnik, and Filtertechnik, and the progress each site has made in terms of online visibility.


Below are some of the digital marketing services our consultants offer businesses across the UK;

Google PPC Management
Google Remarketing Campaigns
Email Marketing
Ethical SEO Campaigns
Heat Mapping and Visitor Flow Analysis
Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

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