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Click-To-Message: The Future of Google Adwords

October 27, 2016 - Fifteen

Isn’t it just easier to send a text?

Well, for those of you who shy away from a phone call, Google Adwords is about to make your online searching habits a whole lot easier.

Back in May, Google announced the trial of a new ‘click to message’ extension for your Paid Search campaigns. Now, the extension is ready to be rolled out to the masses, with an imminent launch date that is leaving advertisers on tenterhooks.

The message extensions rely on SMS – meaning this is a mobile-only optimisation for your campaign. Similarly, all advertisers wishing to use this feature must use a device and number that’s capable of receiving and sending texts.

The extension is easy to run in your campaign. Optimised adverts display a small message icon which, when clicked on, will open the users SMS app with a pre-populated message.

As with your normal PPC campaign, the advertiser only pays each time the extension is clicked.

But why is this so important to your Paid Search campaign?

Well, mobile is a growing search platform. 66% of people turn to their phones to look up something they saw in a TV commercial and, with 82% of people using mobiles to help make a decision, it’s a huge part of your campaign.

The extension is easy to track, which means you can efficiently prove return on investment for your campaign.

The added extension gives your advert more ‘real estate’ on Google – that is, a lot more space. A bigger advert draws the users eye and means that your competitors are pushed even further down the page.

If your business is lead-based, the new message format could encourage those customers that would normally be put-off by a phone call to make first contact.

To find out more about Paid Search extensions, contact one of our Google-certified specialists today.

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