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Consilium Strategies Chic New Site

September 18, 2019

Having undertaken a rebrand, swiftly followed by the design and launch of their new website, Consilium Escapes came back to tackle their parent company, Consilium Strategies. A returning customer is always an honour to work with and we take pride in creating working partnerships that help them achieve their vision in multiple areas of their work.

Consilium Strategies consultant in project and risk management. They work with high profile clients to provide a strategy that will achieve their goal, eliminate risk and deliver the best result. The nature of the work covers a broad range and the clientele require the uttermost detail, care and professionalism.

Consilium Strategies Header Image 

Outdated and hard to navigate, Consilium Strategies needed an overhaul to bring it up to date with modern-day practices and future proof the website.

Influenced by our previous work on Consilium Escapes we looked to create a design that would sit alongside Consilium Escapes but capture the nature of work undertaken on the Consilium Strategy side.

 Consilium Strategies What Sets Us Apart

With a serious and demure tone, we were able to bring the character and life created on Consilium Escapes over to Consilium Strategies through the typography and large photography teamed with subtle use of colour. These work to give the website a corporate feel without stripping the website back to the basics and bypassing the personality we injected into the Consilium Escapes website. The new style gives the website a professional, trusted and contemporary look, that oozes the level and quality of work they carry out.

With the nature of the work, the client is unable to detail specific tasks they have undertaken. We worked with Consilium to create a case study feature that allows them to give an insight into the type of work they can do while protecting the full details, giving the user a good flavour to their type of work and how they can assist a future customer.

Consilium Strategies USPs 

All content is now accessible and the homepage unfolds the story and capability of the company without overloading the user. A giant step from the old website which led the user to many dead ends and unable to find the information they required. 

The about page offers the customer a variety of trust points, to build a relationship before the initial conversation, with testimonials from existing clients and the introduction of the team behind Consilium Strategies.

 Consilium Strategies Meet the Team

Call to actions are now readily available throughout the website to aid the user in taking their next step, offering a variety of ways to get in touch to suit the user.

The website experience is now seamless across all devices and the easy to use content management system means Consilium Strategies can take control over their website, with us at hand to help if it is ever needed. 

 Consilium Strategies Services

While working on the website we refreshed the logo, giving it a contemporary look and ensuring the legibility of the text in its multiple uses across the internet.

From the relationship we have built with through Consilium Escapes it was great to see a returning customer who trusts our judgement and ability to deliver beyond their expectations.

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