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Digital Campaigns From The Luxury Industry

May 31, 2017

The luxury industry isn’t too far different to the mass market when it comes to digital marketing. Both industries know that they need to get involved in social media marketing and find new and exciting ways to engage with their customers.

The difference is in the approach. The styling is usually quite different, often with a more tailored edge.

Here’s just a few digital marketing campaigns from brands within the luxury industry, all playing on different aspects of reaching their clients digitally.

Burberry Acoustic

Burberry has been running an on-going campaign since 2010 called Burberry Acoustic.

The concept behind the campaign is to showcase young British bands that Burberry believes have a future in music.

After Burberry experienced a decline in sales in 2005 after the negative association with chav culture, they had to work hard to rebuild their luxurious image.

Rather than just focusing on a more mature age group, known for having a higher income, they decided to find a way of approaching the younger demographic.

Through the Burberry Acoustic project, they began to create a new more edgy feel to the brand and focused on reaching the consumer on social media by getting them to share their latest in music.

Alongside this campaign, they also launched the Burberry Brit Fragrances, for him and her. The adverts were filmed within a concert venue, using strong dark contrasts and the popular sexual nature of fragrance adverts.

Burberry was also one of the first fashion brands to live stream their catwalks on social media, making the once exclusive event, accessible to the general public. They continue to be one of the best luxury brands on social media, as they are keen and confident in trying out new social media strategies. We’ve already talked about their extremely successful Burberry Kisses campaign on our blog, which focused on promoting their make-up collections in a highly digital and creative way.

Tiffany & Co’s #LoveNotLike

Tiffany’s is best known for their much-loved engagement rings and duck egg blue packaging. However, last year they decided to play around with social media advertising, creating the campaign #LoveNotLike.

The concept behind the campaign is that everyone sits on their phones ‘liking’ posts on social media, but for Tiffany & Co, a ‘like’ isn’t enough. “#LoveNotLike communicates the belief that love, as an attitude, is something to uphold and celebrate,” says Diana Hong, VP of Digital Marketing, Tiffany & Co.

The campaigns visuals and videos featured multiple models draped in pieces of their jewellery, whilst upbeat music played and splashes of colour are featured throughout. It also flashes up quotes, saying phrases like ‘Do more than like. Love.”. This advert was a very different stlye to what Tiffany’s is normally known for. It had a much younger and upbeat feel to it, rather than focusing on couples getting engaged in an elegant fashion.


Ted Baker Mission Impeccable

Ted Baker love a digital campaign. In their campaign ‘Mission Impeccable’ they teamed up with film director Guy Ritchie to create a shoppable video advert. The short-film featuring their autumn/winter range took a cinematic, James Bondesque approach.

The video was featured on Ted Baker’s website for a limited time, here you could click on any of the items in the video and it would link you to where you can buy it from. This, therefore, took the searching time out for the consumer. Normally after watching an advert, a consumer would need to spend time searching for the exact products featured, and this is enough to reduce the chances of conversion. Customers want the shopping process to be easier and easier by the day. That is why this advert was so great because it cut out the time for the consumer and they could just enjoy the digital experience.

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