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eCommerce in 2022 – What you need to be doing next year

November 16, 2021 - Fifteen

The industry of eCommerce is always changing every year. Through the industry, different trends come and go all the time, eCommerce in 2022 isn’t going to be much different. 

However, more and more businesses will be moving to the online world, or otherwise becoming more of a competitor than they ever have been. Here are some ways you can counteract this, and utilize this on your own:

Introduce personalised products

It’s been understood that having personalised products can actually make a whole lot of difference, it opens up many more options for your customers. Many of the big brands like ‘Nike’ for example have been doing this for some time now.

Providing not only categorised products, but also personalised range too allows your business to cover more audience and niches.

More and more people in today’s society like to have their own look, a sense of uniqueness of themselves. Personalized products provide fantastic satisfaction for this audience.

Allow more payment options

Allow more payment options

Paying with credit or debit cards is the basis for any transaction system, but eCommerce in 2022 should now be more than just that. In fact, if you’re not already accommodating for this, then you certainly already should be.

Different retailers use a variety of payment methods for customers, otherwise you may be losing their interest. Some customers like the safe and convenient use of PayPal for example, it’s hugely popular, and often to not some people’s only choice of payment.

It doesn’t take too long to get a system up and running, it’s worth it no matter what, you should definitely already be doing this.

Social media can be your eCommerce in 2022

People are increasingly using social media more than ever, and with the software always progressing, more and more features are available.

Most platforms now allow you to purchase directly through their apps, for example Instagram and Facebook have provided a great place for businesses to promote and sell much more simply.

You should be using social media already as a marketing tool, but expanding your own market across these popular platforms, also presents a great opportunity.

Obviously customers will be able to go directly to your site, and with marketing campaigns targeted at the right audience can boost your sales with ease.

Online shopping through social media has become a trend in itself. People are able to share what they find and purchase, which only increases more chances of sales.

It’s not all about jumping on the bandwagon, but making use of an opportunity that your competitors have possibly not considered or began venturing into yet.

Also check out how social media campaigns can affect your business here.

Your website is the backbone of eCommerce

It goes without saying that your website in eCommerce is the most important thing to you and your entire business.

eCommerce in 2022 is no different, and maybe it’s time you look at refreshing your website with an overhaul? You need to keep it up-to-date and optimized, don’t allow yourself to fall behind in your market.

Competitors may not have as many features as you, however if their site is looking fresh and fleshed out. Then this can be a huge game changer that determines a customer’s perspective of your competitor over you. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of over your competitors.

Webpages should load rapidly, products should be categorized correctly and visually pristine. You can read more about why UX design is so important here.

Conclusion on eCommerce in 2022

It’s clear to the eye that eCommerce is expanding still and arguably more heading towards 2022. With new ways and introducing evolutionary methods, you and your team can keep on top of the wave, keep with the times and maybe be some of the first to embrace new ideas as they come and go.

Be sure to check out our services to keep you heading in the right direction for 2022.

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