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As an email marketing agency, we can help you extract the most from email marketing as a channel.

Our tactical email marketing agency can offer you support with the design of your e-newsletter, the content of your email, the distribution and the evaluation of results. Our bespoke email marketing digital service can be fully end-to-end, or we can simply supply assistance with a certain area your in-house team needs help with.

It can be hard to be seen amongst the noise with standard email campaigns with so many brands using this trusted communication channel. It’s therefore imperative that your email marketing communications stand out visually and offer the end user something different than the rest.

Advancements in email marketing Nottingham allow you to move away from the common ‘read-only’ approach. The possibilities for interactive emails are real and now you can, for example, allow subscribers to buy a product from within the newsletter with direct in-email purchase. Purchasing this way allows your customers to purchase with ease and there is no need for an account sign-in or for the user to visit a website or app.

You can also better personalise email marketing campaigns instead of sending marketing comms with the same generic offers to your large number of subscribers. Our email marketing digital service can help set up fully tailored email campaigns to individual users based on their unique behaviour. This way, you send relevant product offers or content to individual recipients and not just blanket send a generic campaign.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Digital Services

Email marketing remains a potent tool for businesses, offering multifaceted benefits in the digital landscape. It provides a direct and personalised channel to engage with your audience, whilst fostering brand and customer loyalty. With targeted campaigns, businesses can tailor content to specific demographics, boosting relevance and conversion rates.

Additionally, email marketing facilitates cost-effective communication, delivering messages instantly and globally. It enables easy tracking of metrics which offers valuable insights for refining your email marketing strategy.

Through newsletters, promotions, and regular updates, not only can businesses nurture leads, but they can also drive brand awareness, increase sales, and build lasting relationships. Embracing email marketing empowers businesses to amplify their online presence and achieve sustained growth.

Our Email Marketing Agency

As an email marketing agency, not only can we deliver on the above, but we can also embed videos directly into your email newsletters, and now that Apple has relaunched HTML5 video support in iOS 10, the amount of videos featured in emails is on the rise. Building your email with video has been proven to generate more engagement and sales, and our team can help you to create the videos first, followed by our email marketing Nottingham support to embed them into your personalised campaigns.

Our email marketing experts have worked with countless businesses to deliver engaging email marketing campaigns using a variety of email marketing platforms. Thanks to their vast knowledge of email tactics, like clever subject lines and target audience segmentation, they can effortlessly promote your products or services in a way that will encourage email opens and clicks.

Contact us today to find out how we can use the latest innovation and technology to allow you to make the most of your email marketing Nottingham.

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Email Automation

We can design a complete automated process for your emails. This could be in the form of a welcome series, abandon browse and basket series, or a win-back series to encourage lapsed customers to purchase with you again.

Template Creation

We're experts in building exquisite responsive email templates that you can use easily, no matter your chosen email marketing tool. We'll also rigorously test across all devices and systems to make sure whatever your sending is professional and functional.


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