Email Marketing

Delivering clickable emails that can’t be missed. Creating fantastic email campaigns that stand out in any inbox.

Email marketing is still one of the most relevant ways of communicating with your customers in the modern age. Build up your customers’ details, compile lists of contacts, and retarget to them using products and services that are most likely to entice them. Most importantly recruiting new subscribers and retaining existing subscribers. Get people excited to come sale season, reveal the latest information to some of your most loyal fans. There’s plenty of activities to do – the creative potential of email marketing is extremely viable.

Modern email clients such as Mailchimp also gather data, meaning you can make the whole interaction increasingly personalised. Email marketing works particularly well for B2C companies who usually have a physical product to sell. But even in the world of B2B, it can bring great results through automation. Customers also value newsletters with relevant news and even feedback surveys that can help you improve your products/services. News that they might miss on their ever-changing social feeds. Products that get them to click back to your website. Information to keep them engaged and loyal.

You can even nurture leads by using emails to provide information that entices people at the top end of the marketing funnel, keeping them engaged week after week until they’re ready to convert. Or we can plug your email client into a CRM such as Salesforce, to give your B2B sales teams the tools they need to smash targets for the year ahead.

A combination of the eye-catching design and the ability to interpret the results of the campaign sets us apart. We learn from each email we send and continually refine and improve subsequent campaigns, increasing their chance of success.

Here at Fifteen, our email system allows you to find out a mixture of data from how many users opened the email to how many users have clicked through to your campaign to how many people have unsubscribed to which browser the email was opened as well as so much more. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the best means of targeting customers to give you the best possible chance of conversion.

Here’s how you can have an effective email marketing campaign post-GDPR

Email Automation

Designing a complete automated process for emails. This could be in the form of letting your list know when a new piece of content is live on your site or specific targeting based on whether someone has clicked on your last email.

Find Out how to use Email Automation as a part of your online strategy

Template Creation

Building exquisite responsive email templates that you can use efficiently. We rigorously test across all devices and systems to make sure whatever your sending is professional and functional.


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