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Sales Geek

Sales Geek, who incidentally sell sales training, has one of the most radical brands out there.  The Sales Geek team had a vision to deliver online sales training to those with sales roles and to deliver the only sales training focused website and app. With such a driven and fun team to work with, we have been continually inspired to deliver an eye-catching website and app to match Sales Geek’s ethos and ambition. 


Both the website and app provide sales training videos that can be accessed easily on the smartphones of sales staff with a subscription. 

To back this up, we have also created a digital marketing campaign and a complete social media strategy to support the reach of the Sales Geek brand. 


Sales Geek is a hugely growing success and it’s been gratifying to help push their brand out to thousands of salespeople throughout the UK and now the USA.


Sales Geek really is taking the sales world by storm and has a grand ambition to have their sales training app in the pocket of all serious salespeople in the UK and beyond.


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