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With our unique PR services, we’ll find exactly the right platforms no matter what industry you work in.

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Boost Your Brand's Online Presence with Digital PR Services

The best publications, the ones that matter. We’ll provide them with comprehensive press materials that tell a fantastic story for your brand, something that can light up all your channels with exciting content. Headlines to shout about on Twitter. Stories from across the web that will attract high-quality links into your SEO efforts.

That’s why we give a full packaging digital PR service, including offline and digital PR. We work alongside the key influencers and publishers that your audience is engaging with across the digital landscape. We develop relationships on your behalf and create compelling content that is relevant to your key audiences, not just firing out something to fill up a quota. Our online PR services are based on what you need, to ensure we get the right people shouting about your brand and the messages that you want to get out there.

With our digital PR Nottingham services you’ll get top brand exposure, a ton of links from relevant highly authoritative domains to your website – and ultimately more leads customers and business.

Traditional PR and Digital PR Services are a fundamental part of today’s successful marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. As a digital PR agency Nottingham, we create online campaigns that target the right people, in the right place, at the right time. PR, short for Public Relations, is essential for businesses concerning helping your brand get found both online and offline. Not only that, but it complements and enhances other aspects of digital marketing activities, from SEO to social media.

What is Digital PR Nottingham?

The key to effective reputation management for any brand is the ability to communicate with your target audience. But in a multi-channel world, your audience can use a variety of different media types and multiple devices. And it’s not just about what you say; it’s about your tone, your timing and the people you target your content to. It sounds like an easy job, but a successful PR strategy is a carefully constructed technical tool with many working components.

Whether you want to enhance your media awareness, improve your sentiment scores, establish a reputation among peers or provide an image through sponsorships, we offer a digital PR service that works from concept to coverage. We have an integrated approach, which means that we provide the complete digital marketing mix, something a single digital PR agency Nottingham can’t often afford. Having a cohesive digital strategy is core to the success of a PR campaign. Brand image is only partly created by what you say – more importantly, it’s produced by what customers experience.

Our Digital PR Services

  • Competitor PR analysis and monitoring
  • Creation of bespoke media lists (online, social and in print)
  • Maintenance of media relationships on your behalf
  • Outreach to influencers and targeted publications
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Content performance monitoring

Digital PR Agency Nottingham

We can provide full-scale digital PR services, including offline and online PR services. We utilise our media relations by working alongside the influencers and publishers that your audience is engaging with across the digital landscape, and we develop relationships on your behalf and create compelling content that is relevant to your key audiences. Our PR campaigns are entirely tailored to ensure we get the right people talking about your brand and the messages that you want to communicate.

Digital PR does not work in isolation. You will see many benefits through channels such as SEO as you improve your domain authority through the high-quality links generated, as well as through your social media community and the associated reach.

Audience Insights

A lot of PR agencies go for the “any site will do” approach, contacting as many outlets as possible to share the content and not putting any thought into who wants the content. More to the point, they don’t even think about what content these outlets want to create in the first place. Think about your target audience, what they like, what sites they visit and what news sources they read. We use powerful Digital PR and community management tools to discover the perfect audience for your brand and tailor our content to suit it perfectly. That means you get the best digital PR service possible.

Measuring success in PR

Just like all our digital marketing services, we ensure that your marketing objectives are at the heart of any campaign. We work closely with our clients to reach their KPIs and deliver insightful data that the campaign is driving. Some of the metrics we will report on could include:

  • The volume of positive press and blog coverage
  • Key message delivery in editorial
  • Share of voice
  • Branded search traffic to your domain
  • Increased referral traffic
  • Referral rate from social media
  • Volume of adverts

In essence, digital PR services are about promoting your brand in the places where your audience is already active online, creating awareness of your brand, and ensuring that this leads to more activity on your website.

Email Marketing

Leveraging email marketing for PR campaigns amplifies impact. By disseminating effective PR content to an engaged list of email subscribers, businesses enhance visibility and foster meaningful connections. Targeting a receptive audience ensures that PR efforts resonate, creating a dynamic channel for brand visibility and engagement, ultimately driving campaign success.

Social Media Marketing

Employing Social Media Marketing for PR campaigns is a dynamic strategy. Curating engaging PR content for your target audience amplifies awareness and spurs audience growth. By leveraging social platforms, businesses can cultivate a vibrant online presence, sparking conversations and ensuring PR campaigns resonate with the right audience, fostering lasting impact.

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Empower your brand with our comprehensive digital PR services. With our strategic approach and proven tactics, we ensure that your brand story resonates across digital platforms, driving engagement, building credibility, and ultimately fostering long-term success. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your online presence.


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