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Everything you need to know about the new Google Ads editor v2.0

June 27, 2022

Google’s new ads editor v2.0 is now available for download. With this new upgrade, you can maximise campaigns, check asset performance, and do a whole lot more. As part of its efforts to broaden the reach of its campaigns, Google has advocated for the use of one of its latest ad categories, performance max. Until recently, these advertisements could only be created through the Google adverts system, which is accessible over the internet. Google published Editor v2.0 on March 29th, which contains aid for this project type as well as other improvements. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the new Google ads editor v2.0.

Changes to the new Google ads editor v2.0

The addition of performance max support wasn’t the only enhancement to the Google ads editor. The following are the most significant changes in this version:

• Performance maximise your campaign’s support

• Conversion actions

• Develop an accurate picture of your campaigns

• Campaign-level overviews are provided

• Performance of products

• Acknowledge the effectiveness of your assets

• Support for custom action triggers is provided

What makes the new Google ads editor v2.0 great?

1. Improved performance

The very first change to the Google ads editor is the addition of aid for performance max ads as a new feature. This means that you may now build and amend performance max ads in the offline Editor software, rather than the online Editor programme. Because of this change, you’ll save time while developing new campaigns or making short modifications to existing ones.

2. Conversion actions

Conversion objectives will now be supported in the Google ads editor v2.0. You’ll be able to make changes to your setting and apply them at the ads. It also provides a straightforward picture of which conversions are associated with particular campaigns, which makes the process of updating them much simpler overall.

3. Develop an accurate picture of your campaigns

Google ads editor now includes support for campaign-level highlights, which can be found on the overview tab. Several new cards have been added to the overview page, including customs regulations, optimisation ratings, top ads, and other useful information.

4. Access to campaign-level overviews

You are now able to see comparable overviews to those that are already available in the Google ads editor web interface when you click on the overview tab. The following are two of the new summary cards that have been added:

• Optimisation score based on customised rules

• Top campaigns based on a combination of segments

5. Asset support

With the addition of asset support with the v2.0, you can generate statistics on the various assets in your organisation. This functionality is particularly useful when comparing assets of the same kind, such as when using the default responsive advertisements both in Search and Display.

6. Learn the effectiveness of your products

The ability to report on assets is now accessible in the Google ads editor. When comparing the success of your products to the success of other products in the same group within a project, this is a convenient addition.

Support for custom action triggers is provided

Until today, the only way to set automatic rules or tasks was to do it over the internet. Users have the option to create custom rules that will be executed when certain events or circumstances occur. Depending on your criteria, this might range from a simple bid change on phrases or ads to the complete halting of whole campaigns.

The benefits of Google ads editor

Google ads editor may be used by any advertiser with any capacity. It’s particularly useful for accounts that have several campaigns and large amounts of keywords or advertisements. Benefits include:

• Campaign data for all the ads or for a subset of the ads can be easily viewed

• The management, editing, and viewing of several accounts may be done at the same time

• Text may be replaced across many ads or campaigns

• Items in ads and campaign may be duplicated and moved around as needed

• Several modifications to your campaigns may be undone and redone while they are being updated

• Draft mode allows you to make changes to your document before it is submitted to your account

• You can continue to work even if you are not connected to the internet

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