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Fashion Brands To Succeed On Instagram

November 24, 2016

The image sharing platform, Instagram, released a report claiming that fashion brands are more likely to succeed by posting and focusing their digital campaigns on their platform.

From this report that Instagram brought together, out of the 500million members they have on their app, 50% follow businesses and 1 in 3 users have bought clothes that they have discovered through the app.

Why Is Instagram Best For Fashion Brands?

Instagram is a far more visual social media platform, compared to competitors such as Facebook and Twitter, and this is a great benefit for fashion brands. Fashion is a visual industry, it’s all about the styling, trends and looking fabulous. When creating posts for Instagram, brands can be far more imaginative and creative, than on platforms such as Twitter, which is a more conversational platform.

When Should We Post On Instagram?

If you’re wanting to get your posts to reach the fashion savvy, you should be looking at posting between Friday and Monday. This is because they’re going to be spending more time on social media during the weekends, when they’re likely to be dressing up to go out, or going out shopping and are looking for some fashion inspiration.

What Can I Be Posting?

All the look-books, adverts, product shots, flat lays and video clips that fashion brands will be creating, can all be posted to Instagram. You aren’t limited to just images, you can include videos, gifs, hyper-lapses and boomerangs. The more visual, the better!

For an example, accessory brand, Lulu Guinness, has aced utilising Instagram. The fun-loving brand, full of colour and personality, has managed to make all these aspects shine through on their posts, through well thought-out and styled product shots and video clips.

Fashion brands go big during the fashion weeks. Those who love fashion, love to see all the behind the scenes, and get sneak peaks into the shows that are going on. Fashion week used to be completely exclusive to those who work in the industry, but social media has allowed us all to get a glimpse.

Burberry films its S/S 2014 show using the iPhone 5S

What’s Next For Fashion Brands On Instagram?

As mentioned at the start of this post, 1 in 3 users have bought clothes that they have discovered through the app. Instagram has caught onto this, and are currently testing out an in-app shopping experience. Once this has launched fully, every fashion brand should be using it to help direct their customers to the products and inevitably increase sales.

Want to find out more about this in-app shopping experience? Click here to read our post on how it will work and how you can benefit.




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