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Feel The Love With These Valentine’s Campaigns

February 7, 2017

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, we are looking over some past and present Valentine’s campaigns that won our hearts. Whether your brand archetype is a carer, innocent or completely different, you can still be getting involved with Valentines themed campaigns. Get inspired from some of these campaigns we’ve picked out, or have a read of our other Valentines post ‘5 Ways You Can Promote Your Brand In The Run-Up To Valentine’s Day.’


This year, a US fabric softener brand, Snuggle, has created a personalised Valentines video campaign to build brand awareness and spread the love!

On the companies website and social accounts, they’re focusing on directing people to, where you can choose from two different song choices, either ‘The Time of My Life’ or ‘Lovin’ You’. Once you’ve chosen your song choice, you can then personalise the video with your loved ones name, your name and then insert images of your loved one.

Snuggle, the brands teddy bear mascot, then sings the song, with the images of your loved one popping up throughout the video. You can then email the video or you can pop it onto your socials, using the hashtag #SingItSnuggle.

What is so great about this campaign is that it’s not directly marketing the product the company is actually offering. It is just allowing you to create something fun through their brand. They’re going for an element of delight, and this will result in great brand awareness. If people discover and get to know your brand, then you’re more likely to get an increase in conversions.


Deadpool’s Alternative Advert

This time last year, the film ‘Deadpool’ was soon to be releasing in cinemas, so rather than just having generic action superhero film trailers and adverts, they created an alternative to fit in with the fact that Valentines was coming up.

They made multiple still image adverts, one styled as if it were a romantic film cover and the other with the character, Deadpool, holding his hands as a heart shape. There were also multiple video adverts that matched up with these adverts. They encouraged people to take their partners to go see the film in cinemas on Valentine’s day, as well as offering tips on wooing your partner.

This was a great style of campaign, something that hadn’t really been seen before, as not many films wouldn’t take this risk! But, it worked perfectly for Deadpool. The dry humour and the fact they were taking the mick out of the generic romantic film trailers you often see around this time of year.

Tesco’s Basket Dating

Forget your standard speed dating, Tesco’s tried to see if they could be cupid and match up people through what they put in their shopping basket.

Their thought around this was, that we are what we eat, so they believed that those with similar shopping baskets were more likely to match up in their interests.

They filmed the whole timeline from matching up the shopping baskets to getting the pairs to find each other within the supermarket and then sent them to go on a dinner date to find out more about their match. Realistically, not every match went perfectly, but by the looks of the advert, some were prepared to meet up again.

Similar to the Snuggle campaign, Tesco didn’t focus around trying to sell specific products, but instead just play as cupid in the supermarket. However, there definitely was a lot of product placement!

There are many more successful Valentines campaigns out there and with a week still to go, there’s still plenty of time for more new ones to emerge! 

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