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Fifteen Does Operation Christmas Child 2017

November 13, 2017

The charitable idea of wrapping shoeboxes and packing them full of toys for those less fortunate has often been associated with primary schools. We’re bringing Operation Christmas Child 2017 into the professional sphere because it’s an annual tradition here at Fifteen and we will continue to support it.

The whole team raided wardrobes, lofts and even local businesses to round up as many shoeboxes as we could. Orchestrated by our apprentice Polly. Afterwards, we set to work on spending, wrapping and packing.

Where do the shoeboxes go?

Last year the organisation Samaritan’s Purse (who run Operation Christmas Child) received 11.5 million shoeboxes worldwide. This year they hope to reach 12 million underprivileged children in countries like Peru, Rwanda and Ukraine. They encourage anyone and everyone to pack a shoebox, even if it’s only one. We stuffed our shoeboxes full to the brim of toys, school supplies and trinkets, hoping to recreate the heart-warming reaction video we were all moved by.If you’re hitting play, get the tissues at the ready, the sheer happiness is undeniable.

This moved every member of our team to do something, however small to help. For many of these children the shoebox they will open will be the first gift they have ever received, often it will be the only gift, they will ever receive.

The Fifteen Way

As the digital age takes over active participation in charitable acts, with every organisation offering an easy option to hit a button or send a text to donate. Whilst that isn’t in any way a negative alternative, it seems to have caused the traditional method to fall by the wayside. Hence, we tried to recover this most valued tradition and get involved as a team.

We packed a total of 35 boxes, one for every team member. This may sound like an easy job, but each box requires serious care and attention. With boxes being delivered to girls and boys ranging from 2 to 14 years old, we had to pack wisely.

It’s always a real team effort, everyone put down their tools for a small part of their day to wrap or pack a box. This is in itself why such causes work so well. It takes a few seconds to hit donate, which provides desperate financial support to so many causes. But, taking some time out of our day to do small activities helps great causes in so many different ways. Not raising funds but also raising awareness.

We can do so much more

It can be so easy in a fast-paced business world, to forget about the amazing things happening around us. So many local charities need more than funding and donations are a small part of the work they do. If you’ve been inspired by our efforts, (however minor they are in the grand scheme of things) then please get in contact.




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