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August 13, 2016 - fifteen

Here at the Fifteen HQ, we had an idea. With the new Premier League season just around the corner, ready to encapture us and have us engrossed in its drama for the next nine months, we decided to venture out and have our own Fifteen football match!

So, when half past 5 struck, the tension began to build ahead of this highly anticipated clash. It was always going to be a good, old fashioned battle. Boys v Girls. Here are the teams!

The Boys


1.) Ollie

2.) Chris

3.) Alex

4.) Josh

5.) Pav



The Girls


1.) Natalie

2.) Kirsty

3.) Dom

4.) Sophie

5.) India

6.) Lofty

7.) Chanelle

The game kicked off at 7pm at Kimberley Leisure Centre, and it didn’t take long for the challenges to go flying in and for the tricks to come out. We had Chanelle showboating with rainbow flicks and kick-ups, Sophie poaching inside the 6 yard box (very Linekar-esque if you ask me) and Ollie showing off his agility and pace with some powerful runs down the right wing.

We had 2 half-an-hour matches, the first being the boys v girls game and the second being a mixed teams match, with Ollie and Dom as captains. If we thought the first game was intense, it was nothing compared the second one! The result was one that nobody could have envisaged, with Dom’s side scoring a last minute, golden goal winner to take the victory with a score of 8-7. Alot of goals, alot of entertainment and alot of fun!

Next stop on the Fifteen sports calendar, basketball…

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