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Fifteen Gets Attitude For New Chapter

January 13, 2017

I’ll be honest with you: we want Fifteen to be the biggest and best digital agency north of London. We’ve expanded in the past year, smashed way past £1million in turnover, and now we’ve done something amazing. We’ve acquired a top-notch Nottingham-based brand agency, Attitude Design.

Attitude was an awesome and talented operation run by Matt Davies, one of the cleverest and most inspiring brand guys you’ll ever meet. Matt’s talent lies in archetypal branding – something that gives companies massive amounts of purpose, clarity and structure. He helps brands know who they are and what they stand for. And more importantly, he helps them get that message out to customers, in order to engage and inspire.

We’re pumped!

Matt’s love sparks a natural fit to what we do at Fifteen. We’ve got the design and digital know-how to back up a lot of Attitude’s work. Matt’s bringing some big clients to the table as well. Massive names like Experian and Specsavers. We’re pumped!

It’s taken us a while to sort out the admin behind it – two months of negotiations as well as a whole bunch of brand names, domain names and company assets. But we’re good to go. We’ve now welcomed Matt and the Attitude team over to join our family. Along with Kate Crowther and myself, he’ll fit in as a senior member of our team. No matter what we’re tasked by brands to do, we reckon we’re better prepared than ever to smash any targets out the water.

Matt’s added a few words: “The decision to sell Attitude Design was built around the clients. Branding is our speciality and Fifteen’s niche is digital marketing – with the two fused together we now have an even more powerful offering and I’m looking forward to my new role here at Fifteen.”

More love for our clients

So what’s this mean for our clients? More love. Massive amounts of talent that we’ll bring to the table. Whether you’re a start-up or a blue-chip firm, we’ve got the experience on board to tackle everything from brand conception and campaigns, to shiny new websites, all the way through to the latest digital marketing tricks to get a leg-up on the competition.

We’re not just stopping here. We’re looking for other creative digital businesses with proper energy and synergy, which we can work together with to become a banging Midlands powerhouse. Interested? Read my blog here. And let’s chat.

And if you’re a marketing manager or business owner who wants to take your company places, then come over to ours for a cuppa.





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