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Fifteen have a few tricks up their sleeve for Hidepark

October 8, 2015

Hidepark Leather, supplier of high quality leather jackets, gilets & waistcoats, and sporting jackets, recently approached Fifteen to help them re-shape their website and build a digital marketing campaign around it.

Before they came to us, Hidpark’s website was a simple affair that effectively displayed their various ranges. What they wanted was a more user-friendly website, which was up to date with modern trends.

User Experience Research

The first step to creating a great e-commerce website design is research, and as Hidepark wanted a website that was very user-friendly; we began by researching the user experience. By looking at many top e-commerce websites, and taking ideas from both our user experience experts and Hidepark themselves, we were able to craft a user journey that worked.

The three main features we opted for were a smoother menu, with easy access to all available product categories, a product filter to allow customers to select the attributes they want, and a responsive website design to cater to those viewing on all platforms. In addition to this, we added various little features built into the site to ensure that a customer visiting their website will always leave happy.

E-Commerce Website Design

Although this does link in with user experience, we (and Hidepark) thought it the upmost importance that the e-commerce functionality on their new website was functional, easy-to-use, and secure. Having worked on countless e-commerce websites previously, this was no problem. Our developers set to work creating a custom basket functionality and payment portal that met with Hidepark’s requirements. The finished product performs exactly as intended.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Another goal Hidepark wanted to achieve with their new website was to generate more leads. By introducing a fully realised digital marketing strategy, we will be able to increase the number of visits to the new website, and lead them towards conversion. Our digital marketing team are working closely with Hidepark to advise them on best practices for all aspects of online marketing including:

Within one week of the website being live, and the campaign being introduced, we have already seen an increase in the conversion rate of the website from all channels.

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