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Fifteen is now a UK Shopware Technology Partner

May 15, 2019

Shopware is an extremely powerful e-commerce CMS that is open source and our e-commerce website developers love using it.

Fifteen have been keeping a keen eye on the Shopware e-commerce ecosystem for a few years now. We’ve set up a few for our clients using Shopware. Each and every time we’ve been able to offer beautiful & functional e-commerce stores built on top of the platform and we’ve been impressed at every step of the journey.

Ecommerce Shopware Partnership Fifteen

Over the past few months we’ve been working with the commercial team at Shopware to strike up our official partnership and it’s now official; Fifteen are a UK Shopware Technology Partner. This means with close support from Shopware directly, we can push the boundaries of technology and e-commerce further and in turn, deliver our clients best in class e-commerce websites.

Shopware is currently enjoying a very healthy market share of e-commerce websites in Europe and growing at a very impressive rate. With brands such as Aston Martin, Jagermeister and Overclockers embracing Shopware, it seems to be not just Fifteen that are impressed. Looking at the statistics provided by it’s not surprising to see why. Some of the accolades really do speak for themselves:

Shopware Community Day

Shopware logo Source

Fifteen have been lucky enough to be invited to the Shopware Community Day. Next week I’ll be flying out to the beautiful city of Düsseldorf to participate in the conference (and after party ?). As a partner, we’ve been given early access to some of the new features to be released on the day and it’s fair to say this has gotten our developers pretty excited. It would be poor form for us to spoil the surprise for other delegates attending the conference so you won’t find any spoilers here I’m afraid but keep an eye on our social media feeds for live updates.

Some of the highlights of the day are keynote speeches from Shopware Founder Stefan Hamann, talks by Paypal & Amazon Pay and as mentioned before, lots of exciting announcements and feature releases. Our contact at Shopware has also promised us a selfie with Cascada who will be performing at the after- show party.




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