About Fifteen

We’re an award winning website design, brand and digital marketing agency with offices in Nottingham, London and Cambridge.

At fifteen years old, our Managing Director, Ollie Piddubriwnyj, designed his first project for Notts County FC – that’s where our story begins.

Our clientbase now spans a broad range of industry sectors in the UK, Asia and America all with one thing in common: the desire to continuously grow their businesses or organisations.

Our bespoke creative solutions – web design, development, digital marketing, branding and print based design services – help them achieve just that.

Working Together

Our business success is dependent on your business success and we believe that togetherness is a core aspect of how we work.

Working collaboratively with you allows us to fully understand the landscape you operate in and to unearth your goals and objectives fully.

We have a strong team of experts with skills that complement as well as challenge, and our interdisciplinary approach ensures that whatever we deliver we’ve considered all influences on success.

We build a relationship whereby you are able to ask questions – its important to us that we use jargon free language and that you understand why we’re adopting certain techniques.

Above all, we see honesty and transparency at the forefront of working together; we’ll only ever offer you advice that we believe in and we’re open about our pricing structure, which is based on the time required to deliver each aspect of our work to the highest standard.

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With technology and consumer behavior developing at such a fast pace, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest techniques and practices.

In our industry we have to stay ahead of the game in order to offer our clients solutions that deliver on objectives; from personalisation to conversion optimisation we’re committed to investing into our team to ensure that we continually innovate and achieve great results for our clients.

The consumer is leading change and we must continuously innovate to reach them – delivering tactical solutions and campaigns that stand out.

10 Year Anniversary


We’re passionate about digital and design, we’re passionate about delivering your story to your audience groups – and that no matter where your brand is, it offers a compelling story and takes your audience on a journey through to engagement.

We attract and select people based on their passion for their specialism and that’s what drives our business.

Working with a wide range of clients allows us to apply our individual passions to new challenges and ultimately to deliver results for our clients.


We’re an enthusiastic team and take great pride in delivering results for our clients – we believe that having fun incubates ideas and encourages dialogue.

With our culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration, we value our individual expertise and enjoy combining our collective skills.

Most importantly, our clients enjoy working with us too!