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Fifteen Pencil Case Mailer

December 19, 2013 - Fifteen

Direct Mail Design & Marketing

As a graphic design and branding agency, we like to make sure that when we engage with clients we leave them with a taste of our creativity. This includes everything from the work we produce for them to our direct mail and marketing.

After establishing ourselves as the graphic design agency of choice for school design, we wanted to reach out to more schools to spread the word about the great work we’ve doing.


We created a quirky direct mail perfect for the classroom, which included a pencil case and pencil with a workbook. To personalise the mailer we wrote the name of the Headteacher and the school on the front of the workbook.


The workbook included is packed with information about how we can help schools with their design and marketing. It also features examples of the work we have completed at schools across the UK and our client testimonials. It’s a short and punchy introduction to Fifteen Design that we hope the Headteachers will enjoy reading and hold on to.

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