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Fifteen Team Launches New Education App for SalesGeek

March 30, 2020

The team at Fifteen have designed and developed a revolutionary new app for SalesGeek, a multi-award-winning sales advice and training company based in the North West.

The SalesGeek Hub is an online portal and app that houses a range of amazing training content for users to consume at home or on the move. From hundreds of videos and podcasts to live discussions in a community area, the app has it all.

It is a platform and online community for sales-people and business owners and is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

The launch of the app from the Fifteen team has come at a time when online learning is essential to meet social distancing measures. When businesses are quieter then people have the time to improve their skills and work on their own personal development. There is also the option for members to share knowledge and add their own content to the library for real-world learning, advice and support.

Being a part of an active community is so important when things can get lonely with most working from home. Sales directors and team leaders can also monitor the activity of their team members on the app and check that they are learning in the areas that they need.

The uptake of the app has exceeded expectations in the first few days as hundreds of users have signed up already and each day the numbers continue to soar. The SalesGeek Hub has also been adopted by users in many countries within the first week alone showing there is an international appeal.

The Fifteen team will continue to develop the app with new features and the digital marketing team have started marketing campaigns to raise awareness.

Chief geek and founder of Sales Geek, Richard Few said:

“The launch of the Sale Geek Hub™ is something we’ve been really keen to do for a long-time and we’ve invested a lot of time, research and finance over the past 12 months to really develop what we hope to be the UK’s leading community and ‘go-to’ knowledge centre for salespeople.

We truly believe this will revolutionise sales training and change the way people perceive sales forever.”

For more information or to sign up then please go to




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