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Fifteen Xmas Party 2015

December 22, 2015 - fifteen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the time of family, presents, singing terribly out of tune, and parties!

With nine new team members joining us in 2015, the Fifteen team was getting a little too big for our normal Christmas affair, and we decided that a bigger team needed a bigger party!

Enter Best Parties Ever, a company that organise Christmas parties all around the UK, each with its own theme. We chose the 1920’s theme, grabbed our partners and our best party frocks, and prepared for a night of food, dancing, and drink.

It was a fantastically fun evening. So fantastically fun in fact, that nobody had any time to take any photos. Not even an obligatory bathroom selfie.

So, in order to try and piece the evening together, we’ve enlisted the help of some classic 1920’s stock photography.

Here goes.

The office at hometime

The office at home time.

Ladies pretty themselves in the hotel beforehand

Lucy spruces herself up at the hotel.

taxi queues to get in

The taxi queue to get in.


The Fifteen crew begin to arrive.

Someone arrives

Kathy arrives in style.

ollie rocks up to the party

Ollie arrives.

Finding our wayMikey gets lost on the way to the venue.


Adam and Chris share beard growing tips.

Watching the firebreathing

Fifteen enjoy a four-course meal whilst watching the spectacular singing, dancing, fire-breathing show.

Silent Auction wasn't so silent

The guys try their hands at the charity casino. We never saw Pav again…


Alex shows Raph and Sven his party trick. They weren’t impressed.


Sophie and Kate discover the free bar.


The party in full swing.

Michelle and Gary take the floor

Michelle and Lofty take to the floor for the “Grease Megamix”.


Natalie feels a little fragile…


Fifteen prepare to get their photo taken.


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