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Five ways Pokemon Go can drive your business

July 16, 2016

In the world of Digital Marketing, it pays to keep your brand on trend.

Now Pokémon Go is the latest way your business can keep ahead of its competitors.

The augmented reality gaming app, which launched in the UK last night, has already added nearly $10 billion to Nintendo’s market value. The game has more daily users than Twitter and is on track to bring its creators a staggering $1.6 million of revenue each day.

And users are already spotting the digital marketing potential. Pokémon Go presents an easy way to bypass the usual Digital Marketing channels, whilst cashing in on the latest phenomenon. Here are five ways your business could see the benefits:

#1 Incorporate it into your brand’s social media. Many companies have already experimented with the game’s feature allowing a Pokémon to appear in natural surroundings – just take a look at Fifteen’s very own office visitor! Engage your consumers in a fun way and be involved with the Twitter buzz with the #PokemonGo hashtag.

#2 Use a lure. For as little as £0.79 you can purchase an in-game lure and use it to attract Pokémon to a place of your choosing…then watch as the Pokémon hunters follow closely behind. Small retailers have already used this to great effect, including by the L’inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City in New York, who claimed their sales jumped 75% over the last weekend as a direct result of lures.

#3 Capitalise on your mart. If your business is lucky enough to be located in a building that happens to be a Pokestop, then shout about it. Following on from the success of T-Mobile’s Pokémon perks, you could even offer a discount to would-be trainers, or players with a certain Gym alignment.

#4 Even your PPC can have a Pokémon boost. If your shop or bar is located by a Pokestop, drive traffic to your website by bidding on your local Pokestop terms and presenting good advert copy that speaks to the trainers.

#5 The bigger possibilities are on their way. Niantic, the game’s developers, have announced that they’ll soon be offering advertisers sponsored locations in game – and expect the big brands to be on board.

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