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Funniest picks: Gonna tell my kids this was… 

November 27, 2019

In recent weeks, a trend has blown up on social media – Twitter in particular – and it is called “gonna tell my kids memes”.

The trend essentially plays on the same concept as “wrong answers only” where people post an image with a caption stating “gonna tell my kids this was *insert person’s name*”

So in order to save you from having to search all over for the highlights, we’ve decided to find them for you.

First off we have:

I’m gonna tell my kids this is Danny DeVito (featuring baby Yoda)

Baby Yoda very recently went viral after appearing on the Mandalorian TV series and carries a resemblance to the 4 ft 10 in Hollywood actor.

Next up we have:

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Steve Jobs

This meme features Young Thug in his studio, striking a Job’s-esque pose with similar glasses on.

So let’s crank it up a bit:

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Christopher Columbus

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Step Brothers, featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, who are responsible for the song featured in the clip below – Boats and Hoes.

And that title is what makes this caption as hood as it is.

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Prince Harry

Prince Harry is know for being a man of the people, with more appeal among the general public than many of the other royals.

He’s been captured getting jiggy a few times so this tweet works perfectly.

Gonna tell my kids this was Sean Paul

A few years ago this video of a guy doing a great impression of Sean Paul went viral, mainly due to the great use of his belly…

Gonna tell my kids this was Kim Kardashian

Then we have a more advanced category that features people who you quite frankly wouldn’t believe is the real person, in many cases due to surgery…enter plastic surgery queen Kim Kardashian.

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Lionel Messi

Companies have also caught onto the trend. And the Official Fantasy Premier League account played a blinder by featuring this year’s gem in fantasy football, John Lundstram, who was unknown to many until he started scoring big in FF.

Gonna tell my grandkids this was Kid Rock

Then we have the best of the lot. Out of context, this might not make any sense so in order to get you up to speed: A while back a photo of Kid Rock circulated with the caption “Why does Kid Rock look like Dr Phil dresses as Kid Rock” – and the post raised a damn good point as you can see below.

The real Chris Rock (who looks like Dr Phil)

Dr Phil fund our about the viral post and decided that he would dress up as Kid Rock, and ended up looking pretty much exactly the same as him!

And voila we have the winning ‘Gonna tell my kids’ tweet from Dr Phil himself:




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