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Going Global with Agilitas

August 26, 2019

About Agilitas

Agilitas provide IT channel solutions across a multitude of technologies and are well known for their ability in maintenance services, technical support and specialist engineering to name a few. The work of this award-winning company spans over 60 countries with over 2000 stocking locations worldwide, providing access to a partner network of technical experts 24/7.

The Brief & Vision

Agilitas initially approached Fifteen to create a suite of templates that would align their marketing materials with a new visual style that had started to roll out. We began working with the team to evolve the new image and when we signed up to take on the website we wanted to push this even further.

Agilitas About Us

Agilitas were looking for a total website overhaul. The new website needed to showcase all they have to offer and allow them to stand out in the industry. For a company with such a broad offering and global outreach, a lot of information needed processing and delivering in a concise way that was easy for the audience to navigate and understand.

After the initial conversation with Agilitas, it was clear our approach to projects, albeit it a different industry, was aligned and we were eager to take on the challenge.

What We Did

The original Agilitas website was hard to navigate. The menu was split in two with hidden navigation that was only revealed on hover. Another large paint point was the loading time, the homepage of the website took well over the standard recommendation and would have provided users with frustration before they even made it onto the website.

Agilitas Our Clients

We restructured the website navigation, collating all related content into clearly labelled areas of the website. Landing on the homepage you are now aided by a search to begin identifying the user’s issue and point them in the right direction.

In addition to educating the user on the services and solutions Agilitas supply, they were keen for their personality to shine through. As leaders in the industry, the company attracts a multitude of different clients and partners, so we have dedicated areas of the site to introduce the team behind Agilitas and show what they get up to as a business.

With over 2000 stocking locations Agilitas were looking for an intuitive way to help users find their closest location. We developed a global map that allows the user to search by their location and pinpoint exactly where their closest active and forward stocking locations are, and allows the team at Agilitas to continuously update their information keeping the map and its contents up to date.

Aptly titled ‘Agilihub’, the knowledge centre allows Agilitas to share industry knowledge alongside company updates, a filter through these will allow you to access the information relevant to you and the articles here provide a wealth of information that users can now easily navigate.

Agilitas Service Portfolio

Alongside this, Agilitas has set up several initiatives that educate their partners on where the industry is heading, the new website allows the team at Agilitas to create a new page through a page builder where they can present their research and findings, including market reports and videos.

We also integrated their CRM into the website, styling the forms across the site in line with the website style, but when the user types in their details, everything flows smoothly into their CRM system.

There are many areas to this website, which make it unique, functionally complex and up there ahead of their competition in the industry, we introduced a range of subtle animations within the website which assists with delivering information in an easy to digest way, as well as taking the website one step further we were able to bring the homepage to life with animation. The header of the website sees the world rotating and stars move when interacted with.

Agilitas Contact Form

Built within WordPress, the Agilitas team are able to update the website content at any time, and keep all the information as up to date as possible, the site and its templates can also be used with room for growth as well, with many more projects in the pipeline, we can’t wait to see how this website takes Agilitas to the next level on their journey.

The Results

Through the design you can tell Agilitas is not your standard IT company, they are looking to break the mould and do things differently in all areas. They are an adaptive team that is pioneering the industry and not just following the crowd.

As a result of the new websit, users should now be able to access all information easier and quicker than ever before and using the global network map be able to locate their closest distributor, alleviating the issues found with the old website and creating a seamless user experience.

Agilitas Latest News Panels

The website relaunched on the 23rd April and growth through all channels has been observed over the 6 weeks after launch. With engagement, metrics are showing improvements, and are generally really positive, with a 30% increase on users, 36% increase in sessions, 2% reduction in bounce rate and 2% increase in pages visited.

Goal completions have increased significantly showing an improvement in the user journey to conversion.

Just like the MoM comparison, increases can be seen across all channels. Compared to last year, engagement metrics are showing greater improvements.

With technical and best practice enhancements made to the new website, keyword visibility has improved 7.5% (overall) The majority of these increases have happened within the first 2 pages of search results, with visibility improving by 23.3%!

What They Said

“We selected Fifteen after a comprehensive due diligence process that involved consolidating a number of our digital design agencies. From initial engagement through to current projects the team at Fifteen have demonstrated fantastic customer service and become a natural extension to the Marketing Team. The work they have done has brought to life our value proposition and helped to position us as a truly global service provided within our market.

They also show the same ambitions as our company and are very much aligned to similar values in terms of innovation, collaboration and disruption.

For any business looking to appoint a trusted digital design agency that can raise the profile of their existing brand should look no further than Fifteen.” – Richard Elgon, Marketing Director, Agilitas Solutions Limited




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