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Google Adwords Update: Table Extensions

February 11, 2016

Being a Google Partner, we occasionally receive a little bit of insider knowledge about the new features that Google release. Table extensions are the latest rollout from Google in the Adwords world that has got us all talking.

Okay great, but what is it?

Well, 2 days ago they released this little beta feature in Adwords and we think it opens up a whole new area of opportunity for search ads. Table extensions will allow you to create a table underneath your ad, displaying the price for your products or services.

What can it do?

With table extensions set up, searchers will quickly be able to see what your prices are for the different services/products that you offer. This feature will enable your ads to attract searches with a higher level of intent of purchase, as they click your ad already knowing the all-important question of “how much?”

adwords table extensions

There are several limitations in the early stage of this release in that this feature can’t be used for products or services where prices change daily or regularly. This restricts industries like retail, flight, hotel or telecoms from using table extensions.

What Is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google’s pay-per-click platform which allows advertisers to bid on keywords in order to display their adverts within the search engine. Advertisers only pay when the advert is clicked, which makes it a desirable form of marketing – particularly for business owners who don’t have large sums of money for marketing up front.

How Do Extensions Help My Adverts?

Extensions like the table extension can significantly increase your advert’s performance. Ad extensions are features that show extra information with your advert – such as phone numbers, price extensions or site links to relevant pages on your website. By having these, your advert gains more ‘real-estate’ in the Google search engine, and the advert’s engagement typically increases.

So, what does the table extensions feature mean for you?

Well, if you are not in one of the sectors where the feature is unavailable then it could mean an increase in conversions, increased average page duration and a decrease in bounce rate, as users are clicking on to your site with more information than ever before.

We’re really excited to start implementing this for our customers and can’t wait to see how other people start implementing this new feature.

How Can I Start Advertising In Adwords?

If you’re interested in advertising on Google Adwords, speak to one of our pay-per-click experts today. To learn more about the channel, click here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that table extensions will help put conversion rates through the roof? Do you think they won’t have much effect at all? Let us know!




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