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Google Expanded Text Ads Are Just Round The Corner

October 24, 2016 - Fifteen

Expanded Text Ads are just round the corner, are you ready?

Expanded Text Ads were one of the several Adwords changes earlier on this year. In this update Google increased the ad text limit by 2x (very exciting news for all us PPC nerds).

The new ads are intended to increase your presence and performance on mobile search with a bigger headline and an extra long description. This is meant to be the biggest change to the Adwords text ads in 15 years!

 So what’s actually different?

Element Previous Present
Prominent Headlines One 25 character headline Relevant Display URL
Longer Description Line Two 35 character description lines Manually entered display
Relevant Display URL One 80 character description line Domain automatically obtained from your final URL

And, what will Expanded Text Ads look like in the Adwords interface:


So what are the benefits of the new Expanded Text Ads?

We hope it will improve CTR. With increased visibility, being able to highlight more of your companies great offerings, early reports are indicating that CTR could increase by as much as 20%. Expanded Text Ads are now available to all Adwords advertisers and advertisiers have to be utilizing these ads by 31st January 2017 or your ads will get disapproved. Therefore, you need to transition all your ads soon.

For any help or advice on your Google Adwords account, get in touch with our digital marketing experts.

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