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Have you heard about National Tea Day?

May 3, 2017

After being a great hit in 2016, National Tea Day came back in 2017 with the National Tea Day Festival. A whole day dedicated to celebrating all things tea and we were thrilled to join forces with the team to create some wonderful graphics to support the day.

Based in the beautiful settings of the Kensington Roof Gardens, West London, the day would be the perfect mix of garden party and tea tasting, with loads of entertainment and snacks thrown in. The perfect day out for tea lovers!

We worked with the team to create the map for the day, setting out the exciting zones which feature a menagerie of entertainment for the day, from tea dances to tea cocktail masterclasses, meeting ‘Queen Victoria’ and much more. The initial aim of the map was to entice in some great partners for National Tea Day which was a huge success and saw some brilliant leading tea brands join in the fun.

This was later on brought together into the show guide for the day, featuring the jam-packed itinerary and exclusive discount for National Tea Day Festival visitors.

We also worked with National Tea Day to create a tapestry illustrating the history of tea. This combined interesting facts and illustrations from history that celebrate tea and tell the story of how tea won a special place in English life, including stories of how the tea bag came about. A main feature of the event at a whopping 13 metres long.

“One of the most popular legends has it that American tea importer Thomas Sullivan shipped out samples of his product in silk pouches in 1908, not intending his customers put them directly in the hot water that way but this invented the tea bag.”

We also had the opportunity to create posters and signage for the day, welcoming visitors into the National Tea Day Festival and letting them know what is what. Of course, not everyone is able to attend the festival so we also produced a range of images that would encourage social involvement in the day, so no matter where you are, you could get involved in National Tea Day by visiting a featured tea house, hosting your own tea party or just enjoying your usual morning tea.


This was a brilliant project that gave us a great opportunity to be creative and fun, creating engaging designs to attract a wide audience.

If you missed National Tea Day 2017 you will be pleased to hear that plans for The National Tea Day 2018 are already in full swing and it’s going to bigger and better than ever. We look forward to continuing our involvement and working with National Tea Day on the 2018 festival.




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