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Here is how Slack Bots are making our lives easier

January 5, 2018

Slack is integrating applications, instant messaging and services. It is changing the way we work. Launched in 2014, the idea behind this innovative platform is to help teams achieve greater results. This is through simplified collaboration and creative tools that drive results. The applications are programmed to act as helpful assistants known as bots.

As time goes by, the  Slack bots are arriving in huge numbers. They’re becoming an integral part of workforces around the globe. Managing diaries, logging expenses, tracking staff holidays, ordering Ubers and…offering shopping advice? Really? If only I knew, I could have avoided putting on this horrendous shirt today.

How far can they go? It’s hard to call. One thing is for sure, they can definitely make your working life a lot easier. Let’s go through some of the bots that can help you get the most out of your day. Plus help your team generate better results.


NikaBot helps departments and teams to keep up to date with what each other is working on. It tracks the progress of all the different projects that are going off at any given time. Increasing transparency throughout, allowing staff to motivate each other with their hard work. Keeping everyone proactive and informed at all times.


The Polly application enables teams to conduct surveys fast and easy.

“What shall we have for lunch people?”

This helpful assistant has proven to boost participation in comparison to emails. Also web-based surveys. With a wide option of templates available, it’s never been easier to find out where your colleagues are at. Polly is a cracker.


Working with Slack, Drift helps staff to communicate with new and existing leads. Helping to generate and keep clients. By offering online chat services, customers are able to multi-task whilst they talk. This makes users less frustrated by avoiding the treacherous hold. This can also help you save money as your staff can manage more than one customer at a time. Sounds so simple? It really is.


Some staff can get really grumpy. Especially in the morning if they don’t get their morning coffee. The concept behind OfficeAmp is the idea that employees can communicate any issues within the office. Overcoming them as fast as possible. OfficeAmp nudges the point of call necessary for such an issue. Ensure the workforce remains happy, healthy and full of caffeine.


Business is driven by data, offering insights and identifying trends.Sometimes it can be hard to interpret all the numbers.  Statsbot makes it less complicated to use the figures for decision-making. Data access can be managed easily to make sure the right departments have limited access to the information that is important to them.

There are hundreds of assistants and applications that integrate with Slack. All are helping teams do better and keeping employees happy and focused. You can make your life a lot easier, time to start Slacking #LikeABoss.




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