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How Buyable Pins Can Help Your Business

August 23, 2016

Pinterest has rolled out new buyable pins that will allow people to buy your products without ever leaving the site, providing a massive opportunity to companies all around the world. The platform is already notorious for enabling businesses to highlight their products to potential buyers, and buyable pins will let users buy items directly from Pinterest in just a few clicks.

According to Big Commerce, the stats firmly back-up Pinterest’s decision to introduce buyable pins:

  • 100 million active monthly users
  • 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
  • 87% of users have purchased because of Pinterest

In light of these overwhelming figures, it only seems the logical step to explore its potential as an e-commerce channel. Buyable pins are currently only available to select U.S. retailers and businesses using commerce platforms like Shopify, Demandware, Big Commerce, Magento and IBM Commerce, although they have declared that they plan to work on more integrations in the future. If your company is interested in Buyable Pins, Pinterest advises to either contact the afore mentioned companies, or get in touch with Pinterest themselves and sign up for the waitlist.

How Do Buyable Pins Work?

  • Blue pins mean you can purchase – whenever you see a pin with a blue price, this means it is buyable. Buyable pins can be found all over the platform, whether that be in the search results, or on your business profile and related pins.
  • Seamless pins across web and mobile – a shopping bag can take you anywhere. No matter how the customer shops, i.e. through web or a mobile device, the pins will work seamlessly so the contents of the basket will be the same regardless.
  • Reach new customers and make sales for free! – Buyable pins give the company complete control of the shopping experience. Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from the sales and shipping and customer service will still be handled by the company as usual.

Pinterest want the buyable pins function to be as seamless as possible for all concerned, hence the vetting process with regards to who is allowed to sell products on the platform.

Do you think buyable pins would benefit your company?




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