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How Strong Brand Identity Can Catapult Your Business Into Post-Pandemic Success

August 7, 2021

Ready to make the most of the new era? Creating a strong and effective brand identity can elevate and position your business to yield greater success, and is often the starting point to stand out from competitors and to prospective customers.

For the first time in decades we are seeing big corporate companies unveiling brand-new logos. These re-brands are acknowledgment of COVID-19 and the repositioning of their brand, ready to enter the post-pandemic future.

Wondered why large amounts of money are invested by company owners in developing visual resources to communicate their brand identity? Here are the reasons why fresh branding and a strong brand identity matters post-pandemic and how we can help you start to create a strong brand identity, from logo and marketing campaigns to a complete website overhaul.

1. Evoke emotion

We have seen brands such as BMW, Burger King and Vimto refine or revive pre-2000’s logo designs which are refreshingly familiar for consumers in a time of uncertainty or alternatively paving the way into the future. 

One of the key ways to build strong brand identity is creating an emotional branding message that resonates with your target audience and makes them value you. In the case of Burger King, they have opted for the voice of comfort and familiarity.

Your core messaging, tone of voice and imagery might have changed in the current times, as your business has evolved or equally your target customer or consumer. Now is the time to re-evaluate, take re-direction and re-focus for a new era. When it comes to strong brand identity and development, looking good is easy, but tone of voice is how you create connection.

2. Cash-in with a fresh face

Geared up and ready for the world to start moving?  It seems to be what the big brands are doing.

If you only have a strong logo, now might be the time to create a whole set of visual assents that represent your brand DNA and cash-in with a fresh face.  A brand logo is just a visual tool, although it is important and is used to associate your brand to consumers, to truly engage your target audience you need the full package. From meaningful not meaningless colours to a website and more. How they appear in isolation and how they work in combination is paramount to creating a strong brand identity.

3. Step it up a gear

Does your competitor have all this in the bag? Now is the time to step it up a gear and get discovered with digital marketing.

Having memorable branding and a strong brand identity is a great place to start and creates solid foundations for your brand, but having a strong digital marketing strategy designed to grow your business is a critical building block for businesses post-pandemic and beyond.

Here at Fifteen we can combine tactics to put your brand in front of more people across all areas of digital; including SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click marketing, retargeting, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online PR, quality link building, social media advertising, social media campaigns and conversion optimisation, to get the very best out of your business.

Think big. Even if your business is small. Now is the time to plan for growth.


Your reputation is everything. Fifteen offers real expertise in developing and executing innovative brand building strategies that enhance your brand equity.

Contact us today if you’re looking to rebrand, build a website or put your digital marketing strategy into place. There really is no time like the present.




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