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How-To Promote Your Business In The Run-Up To Christmas

October 18, 2016

The run-up to Christmas is a key opportunity for brands to push their promotional campaigns to gain optimal awareness, as a large portion of companies yearly profits are made at this time of year.

There are many different promotional elements that you can be using to make the most of the seasonal period, here’s our list of top ones.

Holiday Landing Page

Grab your customers attention as soon as they get onto your website by having a festive themed landing page. Use photos with your products styled with festive items or you can easily add small graphics of christmas items over top of images to make the whole landing page more fun. Having a holiday themed landing page should encourage your customers to look around your site for longer to find gifts for their family and friends. You can also add a snow plugin onto your site, so that it appears to be snowing on your site whilst the customers are viewing the page.

Social Media Advent Countdown

To keep your social media content constantly flowing during the holidays, creating an advent countdown is perfect. Some brands in the past have turned this into a daily giveaway, others have done the 12 days of Christmas song themed with their products as a play on words. Creating this more regular content will increase engagement from your consumer, and you can have a lot of fun with it!

Giveaways or Competitions

Everyone is desperate for a good deal, or even freebies in the run-up to Christmas, as it can be such an expensive time for most people. This therefore means that people are far more likely to get involved in giveaways and competitions, which can help you gain brand awareness and information from your customers. Make sure to collect your customers emails in the application forms, as this will mean that down the line you can then use these for email marketing, to regularly keep them updated with other products and offers.

Ted Baker made one of their Christmas campaign competitions into a game, the higher the score you gained, the more likely you were to win a prize. In the game, you would be a penguin who would help collect presents for Santa. Their shop windows even advertised the game, giving them a huge visual presence against their competitors.

Christmas Themed Adverts

Many brands will try to make their Christmas adverts the strongest promotion for their brand for the year, usually spending a considerably larger amount of money and time compared to other campaigns.

John Lewis is known for it’s extremely successful Christmas adverts, I would be very surprised if you weren’t aware of them! Last years campaign not only helped promote their brand, but they also helped the charity Age UK. Alongside their adverts, they also make merchandise to create further buzz from the advert.

Email Marketing Promotions

If you have a mailing list, use it! Email marketing is great to use during Christmas. You can remind your customers of what offers you have going on, or help them choose presents by having a basic gift guide in an email. If your products require being delivered to your consumers, send your customer reminder emails on when they need to order by, to receive their orders in time for Christmas. There’s so much you can email out!

If you want to find out what we can do, here at Fifteen, for your brand in the run-up to Christmas, feel free to check out our services or contact us.




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