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Infographic for Greenpeace Day

September 16, 2015

Yesterday was Greenpeace Day, a day dedicated to releasing your inner activist and saving the environment. After talking about how to make a brilliant infographic design last week, we at Fifteen decided to create an infographic showcasing some ways that people can help with climate change.

This was also a great way to showcase Fifteen’s infographic design skills.

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Infographic Transcription

Basil is concerned about climate change. But what can he do to help?

Create A Sustainable Home

By installing solar panels, insulation, double glazing, and various other heat saving gadgets, Basil needs less energy to keep his house warm.

Reduce Water Use

There are various things Basil can do to save water. Low-flow showerheads and float boosters in the cistern are quick ways to save on water. Don’t forget to turn the taps off when you’re not using them Basil!

Travel Smart

Basil shares a car with his friend when they go to work together. He also catches the bus when he nips to the shop for some milk at the weekend.

Reduce Energy Use

Switching lights off when he leaves a room, and turning appliances off (rather than leaving them on standby) help Basil to save energy in his home.

Plant A Garden

Plants further offset Basil’s carbon omissions. By starting a compost, he is recycling trimmings that would normally end up in a landfill.


It’s not just garden waste that Basil recycles. Plastic, paper, glass, and cans can all be recycled too.

Engage With Community

Basil regularly encourages his friends, family and neighbours to do their bit for the environment too.

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