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Instagram – You Can Now Switch Between Multiple Accounts

February 10, 2016 - Fifteen

It has for a long time been a nuisance to those of us working in digital marketing, business owners, or anyone else with multiple Instagram accounts, that you can’t swap between your different accounts from the app. Previously, you needed to log out and back in again to switch accounts.

With their parent company (Facebook) and other social media apps having this functionality, and with the inability to upload posts from a computer, Instagram did run the risk of falling behind the competition. A lot of digital marketing agencies place less focus on the platform where they can, due to this previous inaccessibility problem. Take Fifteen, for example. If we had used Instagram for every single one of our clients’ digital marketing strategies to date, we’d probably have needed to hire a new person just to sit on a smartphone all day, logging out and back in again.

Now though, there’s a bit more flexibility with the app, and it becomes so much more accessible because of it. Because of this increased accessibility, we can offer Instagram account management to so many more of our clients.

It also means that business owners can have their own Instagram account, and easily switch to their business account when they see something relevant.

It’s such a simple change, but it makes everything that little bit easier, and opens up a lot of potential opportunities for marketing whilst on the go. We at Fifteen are really excited to see how this change can help us develop our marketing strategies even further.

Now the only question is, “When are you going to work on improving the desktop site, Instagram?”

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