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Introducing the Client Services Team!

April 11, 2019

All amazing examples of theatre include the ‘stars’ of the stage delighting audiences with their stellar performances whilst they work collaboratively with the behind the scenes team. Fifteen is no different. We have a team of people who are the ‘Faces of Fifteen’ working in harmony with our clients to ensure we’re keeping our client’s happy and our team running as efficiently as possible in an ever-changing digital world.

The client services team at Fifteen are a fun and friendly bunch and we’d like to introduce ourselves to you!

Kate – Client Services Director

Kate Crowther

Kate heads up the Client Services team and her main prerogative is keeping clients 100% happy with the services we provide. Kate loves any opportunity to challenge and think outside the box whilst working tirelessly to get deep into the veins of our client’s businesses, forming deep bonds with brands to help strengthen and support their digital requirements. Whether it is a new logo or a completely new website design and build, Kate faces every task with a smile. Our friendly Yorkshire lass is known for her positive and cheery personality which clients adore.

Quote from Kate:

I absolutely love the variety of my role, working with a diverse client base I’m constantly challenged and pushed to deliver results. The team here are brilliant and working together to create amazing work is both fun and rewarding. I love that we’re an extension of each client’s business and that we’re trusted to shape their marketing. Winning awards is just the icing on the cake!

Steph – Digital Account Manager

Steph Shemeld

Steph’s vivacious personality leads up the Digital team. Her hands-on approach and extensive experience mean she’s a real star. From attending client meetings and discussing client requirements to devising full digital marketing strategies, her warm and friendly Yorkshire tones can be heard amongst the Fifteen team. Steph is mainly found juggling schedules with Sophie, debating the most cost-effective PPC spend for our clients, and gazing lovingly into the eyes of her large soft toy T-Rex called Tony!

Quote from Steph:

Working in such a fast-paced industry with a variety of clients is what I love most about my job! Digital marketing is a field that is ever-changing and engaging, there is always something new and exciting around the corner and I love the digital opportunity this brings for our clients! With the right strategy, we have the potential to provide the opportunity for the lesser-known, smaller brands to get on a level playing field with the ‘big dogs’! And there’s no better feeling than being part of a client’s Amazing Success Story!

Sophie – Senior Project Manager

Sophie is Fifteen’s Queen Bee! Sophie juggles many, many plates at Fifteen, from scheduling all of our studio’s projects, to closely managing large scale creative projects with our clients and teams. She has a great eye for detail and absolutely loves keeping clients happy. Although quiet in nature, Sophie can be heard singing along to many of the songs that filter through the studio on a daily basis!

Quote from Sophie:

“I’ve been with Fifteen for over 4 years now, and have loved seeing the company grow and evolve over the years I’ve been there. The best part about my role at Fifteen is being able to see the reaction from clients when we show them their end product for the first time, and the amazement on their face, I feel privileged to be able to work with a really great bunch of people, and marvel in the creative talent of the wider team at Fifteen for making these reactions happen.”

Holly – Project Manager

Holly Law

Holly loves efficiency, which is good considering that is what being a Project Manager at Fifteen is all about! Holly works with clients each and every day to discuss and understand their requirements, she manages website and branding projects and liaises with the Fifteen team on a daily basis to deliver the best possible output for our clients. Holly considers herself to be fairly reserved, but on the flip-side, she loves to laugh and have fun so she is often heard cracking some kind of toilet fuelled comment or joke within the Fifteen office. You’ve got to have a laugh!

Quote from Holly:

The best part of my role is working hard to deliver projects on time and budget and receiving some really positive client feedback. I love being organised and working efficiently to keep projects bubbling through the studio at a good pace and I also enjoy consulting with our internal creative team to deliver some amazing work for our clients.




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