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Is now the best time to advertise on Social Media?

April 8, 2020

In short – yes!

While shops across the country are temporarily closed and people are isolated inside with their best form of access to the outside world being through the internet, some businesses have found great success with social media advertisements.

Because so many businesses are unable to operate, advertising spend appears to be as low as ever. And what does this mean, lower costs for the companies that do advertise!

For the businesses that can still operate, especially e-commerce websites that are still delivering, the crisis has offered an opportunity that hasn’t been there before.

With less competition, not only for ads but also for clients, some are making more direct sales than they have before (in one of our client’s cases, daily sales are up from around 2 sales on an average day, to 20-30 sales p/d now).

Now, it must be said that the companies that are benefiting the most are related to people’s needs, so even if your e-commerce site is still delivering/fully operational, it’s not the greatest opportunity if the end-user can’t use the product/service due to the national crisis.

An extremely obvious example is train tickets – trains are still running and tickets can be bought online, but advertising on Facebook isn’t going to benefit the company because people simply aren’t travelling.

On the other hand, business related to cleaning, home education, home offices or home exercise (basically anything you can do at home!) is flourishing.

We recently took on a client who can create gym and office pods in people’s gardens in as little as 4 weeks and having convinced them that now is a good time to push, they took a risk and have benefitted massively.

Their Facebook campaign is running at £0.03 per link click (average is around £0.90) and enquiries are coming in. Without the ads, it’s expected that businesses would be next to flat, which unfortunately is the case for many.

The effect is based on more than just lack of competition to ads due to smaller budgets and paused campaigns, it is also based on user behaviour. While in isolation, a user’s screen time has increased, which means user sessions are longer and there is more opportunity to target potential customers.

We work with other businesses that have social media followers who are actively asking if they can deliver, so it is obvious that there is business to be made if you have the right products, and BIG business to be made if you take the risk and spend on social media advertisements and PPC.

If you work with a company that is still able to sell and deliver, get in touch today and we will help you boost business through social media and other digital marketing channels.




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